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    I have a wordpress installation on Ubuntu 12.04 (Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu), MySQL client version: 5.5.28, PHP5).
    My problem is that the content is displayed as shortcodes:

    Homepage Example
    [slider margins="-70,0,0,0" shadow="shadow-xl" align="aligncenter"]
    [text text_align="text-center" size="40" line_height="60"]The Next Generation of WordPress Themes[/text]
    [text text_align="text-center" color="#666" width="880" right="auto" left="auto"]This is just an ordinary WordPress page that has been customized using SuperMassive’s huge array of shortcodes..[/text]
    [four type="joint" height="260"]
    [text font="Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial" other="font-weight: bold;" size="15"]Lorem ipsum dolor[/text]
    [text color="#777"]Sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam a augue augue. n vel feugiat felis.[/text]
    [image url="http://localhost/Portal/wp-content/themes/supermassive/lib/images/placeholder1.png" width="190" height="140" shadow="shadow-s" left="8" bottom="10" align="aligncenter"]

    I’m not sure why the content isn’t parsed as it should be so I’m looking for any help.

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  • Does your template use the_content() in its Loop?

    Don’t know. Can you help me determine if it does? Don’t know where to look

    Are you using a static front page or a page of recent posts? What theme are you using? Where did you download it from?

    theme is twentyeleven, default one that came with the wp instalation

    but i’ve the same problem with any theme

    Are you using a static front page or a page of recent posts?

    none of the used shortcodes are part of the default WordPress code;

    are you using a plugin to provide those shortcodes?

    sorry, static.

    no i’m not. don’t have any plugins installed. it’s a fresh wp instalation.

    hm.. i see your point now regarding those shortcodes. they’re supposed to be from another theme i was trying out.. how these got mixed up?

    So where are these shortcodes coming from? You can’t just enter any shortcode and expect it to work. You have to be using a plugin or theme that created and parses the shortcodes.

    how these got mixed up?

    My guess is that you entered and were using them with the other theme. Problem is that they won’t work at all with any other theme. So you will just have to edit the page and remove them.

    I was trying out couple of themes. Haven’t been paying much attention to the shortcodes once they’ve started to show up on homepage, but now I see to what theme they belong to. Also, they apear no matter which theme I activate. Will try to delete that theme and see if it helps

    hm.. I’ve deleted the theme that was causing the shortcodes problems, but even after apache restart I’m still getting same shortcodes on every theme I activate. Guess it’s pulling those from some cache.. Getting a bit paranoid, so will try to delete cache and if that doesn’t help I’m going for the fresh install.
    Thank you all for quick replies and help

    Did you add these shortcodes to the page’s content via the WP editor?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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