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  • VivianV


    Hello, I have installed wordpress 2.7 on my site, everything went ok with the installation but I have a small problem: when I access the administration panel and do the login, the page looks scrambled and all the links are messed up on the page. The graphic isn’t how it should be and what should be in the right of the page is at bottom.
    I also migrated the wordpress installed on XAMPP server (files and mysql database) but the problem persisted.
    Everithing else is working fine, the public panel looks good.
    Does anybody have a clue?


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  • jonely


    Your IE may be have a problem, try to visit for other computers, or different versions of IE landing


    My English is very common, please forgive me Oh!



    That’s it!. I was using firefox 3.0.3. I see that with IE 8 the problem disapeared. Weird that it worked perfect offline and also on other hosting.

    Thanks for the solution!



    Although now it works in IE, the page doesn’t load corectly. When I try to edit a post I cannot see the buttons with text attributes , and I cannot acces Visual or html tabs.It also gives an error in the bottom toolbar saying done but with error on page. This error apears also in firefox 3.0.3 and opera, but in those two, the administration page is messed up and the content is scrambled on the page.
    Does anybody have a clue about this?

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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