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  • I am trying to make my facebook app in order to configure a plug in. However it wont accept my app domain, and wordpress wont accept my App ID

    On Facebook, when I put in my domain name it says “This must be derived from Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Site URL, Mobile Site URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL”

    However, I was trying the URL given by WordPress in its guide, and trying it with and without http:// and it still gives me the same response.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    On the Facebook apps settings page, click the checkmark next to “Website with Facebook Login”. There you will find the “Site URL”. Did you fill that in properly?

    The error message seems rather self explanatory to me. Your App Domain must be the same as one of those things it’s telling you about. If you follow the setup instructions in the plugin, then it will tell you to fill in the “Site URL” with the URL it gives you.

    That place I just talked about, that’s the “Site URL” those instructions are talking about. 🙂

    I do not have an option for “website with facebook login”

    My problem is, I get that error message, even though what I am putting in is my site URL, the one given in the setup instructions from the plug in on wordpress-hence why I don’t know what to do. I tried with http:// and without.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well.. not sure what you’re looking at then, but if you don’t see those words, then you’re looking at the wrong screen.

    Go to .

    There will be a link on your app named “Edit Settings”. Click that. It will link to .

    That’s the screen you need to look at.

    Your second link goes to a page that doesn’t exist. maybe Im on a more updated version of facebook?

    my setting spage just has

    app ID app secret
    display name namespace
    app domains contact email

    below that is a drop down menu that says “add platform

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The second link goes to a page that doesn’t exist because that link is a demonstration link, to tell you what to look for. The “SOME-NUMBER-HERE” is a placeholder. Your link will have your apps number there instead.

    I can’t describe it any better than I already have. You’re getting the error you’re getting because you’re putting the information in the wrong place. You don’t need to fill in the “app domain”, you need to fill in the “Site URL”. I can’t be any more clear than that without actually posting screenshots or something.

    I figured it out but it was different- I think i have a newer version of facebook- I had to go through the “add platform” option

    Now my issue still remains that my plugin on WordPress isn’t accepting my App API and Secret.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It seems like you’re having an inordinate amount of problems using this plugin. Since I’ve discontinued support and development for this plugin already, I would suggest that you try a different plugin instead.

    The issue is that FACEBOOK has changed the way you setup Facebook applications and many of us are struggling because there are no CLEAR CONCISE instructions..

    From this URL:

    You click the “Apps” drop-down where you are given the option to “Create A New App”.

    Once you enter the app name in the popup, you are taken to a page URL that looks like this:

    THAT page has NO OPTION to enter a value in a field called “website with Facebook login”. If you click the “Settings” option then you do see a field called “App Domains”. But if you enter a domain there you get the result the OP reported:

    On Facebook, when I put in my domain name it says “This must be derived from Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Site URL, Mobile Site URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL”

    NOWHERE in this process are you taken to any links that look like:

    I get that SFC is no longer supported.. but even if the OP were to use the official Facebook plugin for WordPress, he will still have the same issues configuring the Facebook app because apparently Facebook has changed the process and there are no real clear directions on how the NEW process works..

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Mobile, so, concise. 🙂

    On the dashboard, click settings. Then click the Add Platform button, and select Website. Then add your Site URL in that new box and save everything.

    The process is basically identical and all the same settings are there. You just have to look around a bit for them.

    Yes you have to look around a bit.. but it’s not as straight forward as it should be, and there isn’t any really good user help..

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    There isn’t any good user help because the plugin is *dead*. Heck, even I don’t use it anymore. All the bits of it I’ve either stopping using or replaced with other bits.

    Publish – I use Jetpack’s Publicize for this now. It’s a ton easier to set up and use and it generally works swell.

    Login and Registration – I just stopped using them. Frankly, I don’t like Facebook’s authentication mechanisms much, and the integration wasn’t very good to begin with.

    Photos – I don’t use FB Photos anymore, because FB’s Photo management is frankly a travesty. There’s a dozen better services out there, and there’s great plugins for them available.

    All the various widgets – Each one of them can be replicated by simply visiting , selecting whatever widget you like, filling in the details, and copy/pasting the code they give you into a WordPress Text Widget. Works just fine.

    Like Button – There’s at least 30 plugins in the directory to do like buttons just as effectively as SFC was. If you want to bother, I found that simply having the button on the page slowed the page load time down massively, and in the end, it wasn’t worth it. Publishing the post to Facebook was more effective than having that useless button there. But many other sharing plugins exist too if you like that sort of thing.

    Comment pullback – Was not very effective, and did not assist in communication. In short, comments on Facebook are generally pretty terrible and of little to no value. Not the sort of thing I’d want displayed on my site. And, FB comemnts are difficult to moderate, so there’s no way to keep them cleaned up easily.

    Comment using FB – Jetpack has a nifty Comment box thing that works great for FB/Twitter/G+ logins. Use that if you want it. It’s like 100 times better than SFC was in this respect.

    OpenGraph – Good idea, failed execution. In the long run, OpenGraph is kind of weak compared to something more powerful like And can be built into the theme itself quite effectively and simply, if you’re careful about it. Plus, gets you Google benefits and clever things there, so much nicer all around. Doesn’t hurt to have OpenGraph, but doesn’t help much either.

    And so forth. Basically, everything “Facebook” turned out to not be worth the effort I spent in developing the code to talk to it. The few bits that did help were done better by other people, more effectively. It no longer makes any sense for anybody to use SFC at all, for anything. Switch to a better plugin. Heck, use Jetpack. It’s all you really need there. But if you do want deep integration, use the official Facebook plugin. It has most of the same code SFC had, but updated and better written.


    The history of Facebook plugins and how to integrate Facebook with WordPress aside, let me get back to the ONLY POINT I was making..

    But if you do want deep integration, use the official Facebook plugin. It has most of the same code SFC had, but updated and better written.

    Regardless as to whether one uses the OFFICIAL Facebook plugin or is still using SFC (for reasons only the siteowner can answer) BOTH plugins require creating a Facebook application.

    The process of creating a Facebook application has CHANGED. There are no clear instructions from the OFFICIAL Facebook plugin authors or anywhere on the Facebook Dev site on HOW to do this.. (create a Facebook application..)

    ’tis my ONLY point.. (but thanks for the history lesson.. 🙂 )

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