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  1. logan86
    Posted 4 years ago #


    So I'm having a rather perplexing problem after I installed wordpress.org on a self hosted system.

    Previously I had a wordpress.com blog, however I realised that I would need a self hosted wordpress.org site. So I signed up to dream host and I migrated my domain name which is ali-price.com

    The migration was successful, and I managed to install the wordpress software on my new server space, and connect to it by FTP. I have also managed to log in to the /wp-admin section of my site in my browser and it shows up correctly as the wordpress.org dashboard.

    However, once I decided to start actually making my new website, it's been behaving a bit strangely. For example, if I try to install a new theme, it takes me back to my old blog and says "it looks like you're trying to find something that doesn't exist" or something to that effect.

    I have checked the DNS in dreamhost and the name servers are apparently set to ns1.dreamhost.com and then so on. So what could be going on here? Why does it get confused between the wordpress blog and the website running wordpress.org?

    My website is ali-price.com

    Thank you very much for any help that anyone can give me with this problem


  2. logan86
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Actually the problem has suddenly become much worse than that, entering my website address now simply takes you to the old blog (which never had anything on it by the way) and not the new website at all!

    EDIT: And now it's even worse again if that's possible! When I go to ali-price.com/wp-admin, it won't recognise my user name or password at all. It seems that it is the login box for wordpress.com and not wordpress.org. Arg! How can this have happened?

    EDIT 2: And just to confirm, it is in fact taking me to alipricedotcom1/wp... when i type in ali-price.com/wp-admin. Furthermore, I can confirm that I have definitely changed the name servers to ns1.dreamhost.com etc

  3. Krishna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Clear your browser history and click at this link: http://ali-price.com/wp-login.php

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