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  • Site was running fine but had to change domain. Changed site url / home in admin. Added new domain as primary in hosting account. Checked database to make sure new domain was correct. Go Daddy says it’s set up correctly.
    Old domain/wp-login.php brings up log in screen (with no styling) but then just flips to a page not found when I try to log in.
    Tried all the resets suggested in the WP change url article for the heck of it, but everything shows correct in the database wp-options anyway.
    What am I missing?

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  • Why aren’t you visiting new domain/wp-login.php ?

    It just gives a 404 error.

    When did you purchase the new domain? Have you pointed it to GoDaddy’s servers?

    It can take up to 48 hours for domain name changes to propagate through the Internet.

    The domain was transferred in from another registrar and has been active for a few days. Like I said, Go Daddy tells me all is well. If I ping the site, it can’t be found. Pinging the old domain results in 100% loss.

    If I ping the site, it can’t be found.

    Looks like a hosting or domain name problem then.

    That all seems to be okay but there’s something wrong with the way WP is configured.

    Can you post your old and new site URLs so we can take a look?


    Your new URL doesn’t resolve to an IP address. Check with your hosts.

    If you view the source on the page that comes up at your old URL, all the links point to, which can’t be found. So the stylesheets and other stuff can’t load.

    Once you get your new URL working, your site should work properly when using the new URL.

    Thanks for looking but like I said originally, the host says everything is set up right. Then again, they’ve so far sent me very contradictory info so I’m not sure what to believe.
    And yes the links would have updated at the old site when I changed the WP url/site name.

    I know what you said the host said. But you can try running the ping command on for yourself. The host can’t be found.

    If you use the dig utility, there’s no IP address in the DNS records. It’s not set up right.

    That’s why I’m asking here really – in case anyone else has been through the same scenario. The host says they configure the domain for you when it’s added to a hosting account, yet clearly they haven’t. As far as I can see the domain points to the correct nameservers and the ip address is correct. The old domain worked and the new one is configured exactly the same.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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