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  • I created a newsletter and after much hackery I have managed to make all the forms (unsubscribe, error, validation probs etc) all look like my site.

    However I started by using a category that would send multiple emails out to subscribers per day (a news category) and I added some test accounts of my own to test it was working. Everything was okay and I was getting the news as emails (although with quite a long delay from posting to arriving in my inbox).

    However I then decided to change the email newletter to a category which would send one email out per day.

    However even though I changed the sign up form on my page (and saved the form in admin) so that it has the new category ID in it I am still getting emails sent to my test accounts containing news from the old category. I have double checked and the page with the signup form has the right category ID number in it.

    I have just signed up with another one of my test email accounts and added a test post but so far I haven’t received it and I notice that the time difference between the date the article was posted and when it was received by my email account is quite significant e.g one article was posted at 10:50am and I didn’t get it in my inbox til 13:12pm.

    I don’t know whether the problem with the switch from one category to another is down to this delay in emails being sent out or there is some other issue. Do I need to uninstall the plugin and re-install it to get it work again with the new category or should a change of category in admin & the form ensure that existing subscribers would swap from the old category to the new one? If not do I need to run some SQL to update their data so this happens?

    Also is there a file I can look at that controls when the emails are sent as I cannot see a way of creating a CRON job on my server to “force” all emails to be run and sent (which would be good) as at the moment I don’t know what is setting off the mechanism to send them out.

    Also I noticed that when I was setting up my autoresponder in the listbox where you set up a follow up email (titled Follow Up Subscription:) under my own email there is a long list of what looks like code e.g the list is full of items such as “forEach, reverse, clear, toJSON, intersect” and a whole lot of what looks like PHP/SQL commands.

    Either I am missing something or this seems to be a bug.

    Can someone help me out on this please.


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