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  • Hello,

    I use Wp 3.8 and FeedWordPress. When FeedWordPress is active this plugin block the display of all my categories.
    I have try many things including desactivate all plugin etc … Right now i’m sure this FeedWordPress makes this trouble.

    Someone can help me to fix it please ? Because 90 % of my menu are base on categories means my site is off !

    Many thanks for your help

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  • Please be more specific with your error. What does ‘block the display of all my categories’ mean? Is this on the frontend of your site or the admin? Which part of your site/admin? Do you have a screenshot of your issue? Noone will help you unless you provide relevant info.

    I have an issue with cats as well. In Admin or in the site, when you try to filter or list posts by category, you get ‘No Posts Found’. Categories appear with posts listed in admin when you view ‘All Posts’, but when you click on a cat or try to filter by cat, no results. Issue went away when I disabled this plug-in.

    WP 3.8.1
    FeedWordPress 2013.0504

    Same issue.

    This section of the site is generated completely by the plugin, it’s a separate WordPress install to the main site just for grabbing related news.

    None of the categories work when clicked on, try the early day motions one for example.

    WordPress 3.8.1 not a 3.8.1 issue per se, just updated from 3.6 and the issue was present before the update, not sure how long it’s been a problem (not been checking the site).
    Version 2013.0504 with Add Attribution for FeedWordPress Version 2009.0730
    Think the latter plugin has been updated, so just about to update it.

    Deactivating both plugins fixes the issue. Deactivating just the attribution plugin doesn’t fix the problem, so it’s the main plugin.

    Run other plugins, but I own over 100 domains with WordPress and use those plugins on lots of them and no issues with categories, so highly unlikely Akismet, Broken Link Checker, WP Super Cache and a couple of others would be the issue. I develop the theme and run it on a lot of sites, so again highly unlikely to be the problem.

    This is the only site I use this plugin on, so no other examples to compare.


    Under Performance settings changing the Optimize IN clauses: options (turn it off) fixed the issue for me.


    YES, that got the category links to start working again! Thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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