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  • If you have an article wich is copy/paste from another wordpress blog, the system fail at generating a thumbnail.

    To fix that, you just have to skip this detection in the “apt_publish_post” function (near lines 260) :

    * If the image is from wordpress's own media gallery, then it appends the thumbmail id to a css class.
    * Look for this id in the IMG tag.
    // preg_match('/wp-image-([\d]*)/i', $image, $thumb_id);
    // $thumb_id = $thumb_id[1];

    I think there is a cleaner way to correct it (by checking the domain of the image and compare it to your own, for exemple), but I don’t know WordPress well enough to make it work the right way…

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  • Jay


    Good insight…I have noticed this behavior as well. I will try to see if this fixes my problem. But, I do agree that a domain check would be a better solution.

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