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  • heya, I’m a newbie, and I have a little problem…

    I followed Podz’s great upgrade guide and no problem at all, except that I get a silly error when I’m using my own theme! The error is visible to anyone’s eyes in my blog. As the newbie I am, I’m a bit afraid to touch anything important in any file, that’s why I’m posting! 🙁

    any ideas/suggestions? Thanks a lot!!!

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  • Are you using any plugins? I’m thinking that’s a plugin causing an error.

    No, I didn’t think about uploading/activating them until I could see the site properly. Thanks for trying to help! 🙂

    well, that could be your problem, cause you could have code added that’s trying to call a plugin but it doesn’t see the plugin activated so it’s giving you that error.

    Your upgrade seems you missed at least one file (wp-includes/functions.php), because doGeoUrlHeader() was moved out of the core source and into a plugin with 1.5 (it’s part of the Geo stuff).

    Thanks a lot guys, but… how do I solve the problem? wp-includes/functions.php is there, and I even tried to delete and upload everything again… I’m SO lost, LOL

    Try going to another theme first like the default or the classic theme, and see if you still get the error.

    EDITED!!!: Thanks a lot, again. I just found out I have a one-click 1.5 set up from my host! Sorry if I wasted your time!!! /EDIT

    You’re reading my mind! I just tried and it still shows the error. Bah, I’ll just back my db and theme up and I’ll uninstall and reinstall tomorrow. I probably messed up at some point and can’t figure out where. Thanks a lot for trying, and if anyone can give me a solution… 12 hours left before I start from scratch! 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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