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  • Hello,

    I’ve just completed my first upgrade, from 2.0 to 2.0.4 — to the best of my knowledge I followed the instructions to the letter (backups made, steps all completed in the proper order, etc). Several of my plugins now yield errors similar to the following when trying to access them from the dashboard:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_flickrrss() (previously declared in /home/[username]/public_html/wp-content/plugins/flickrrss.php:15) in /home/[username]/public_html/wp-content/plugins/flickrrss.php on line 12

    This plugin apparently functions (see sidebar: ), but I’m unable to access it other than to activate or deactivate from the WP plugins page.

    When attempting to access a couple of other plugins from Options/Plugins, I get an error message only stating “Cannot load [plugin name].”

    How do I approach this? As I’m new to pretty much anything outside of styling/formatting, I’ve no idea how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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  • to deactivate any problem plugin, ftp into your site, and delete the plugin from your plugins directory.

    The plugins show up in the Plugin Management section of the dashboard, and I’m able to activate or deactivate them there (I’m familiar with how to remove them entirely). The errors occur when I try to access a given plugin’s options individually.

    I get the impression that the problem I’m experiencing isn’t due to version incompatibility, but something else…

    what is your question, then, beyond “how do I approach this?” ??

    and for clarification, you DO state:

    When attempting to access a couple of other plugins from Options/Plugins, I get an error message only stating “Cannot load [plugin name].”

    My question is: what is the “Cannot redeclare [plugin name]” error indicative of, and how do I go about fixing it?

    “Cannot redeclare get_flickrrss()”

    get_flickrrss() is not a plugin, its a function, and the error is caused by it being defined more than once in your files. You cannot have 2 functions with the same name.

    You fix it by determining where its being called, and eliminating the second occurance.

    Apologies for the incorrect terminology, this is a learning experience for me. (I had associated that function with the originating Flickr plugin.)

    I’m at a loss to understand why or how the problem surfaced, let alone how to go about fixing it. What in the upgrade process could have caused the redundancy when I’ve not changed anything else?

    did you follow the upgrade instructions?

    Notice the line about deactivating all of your plugins?

    If you had done that, and the error were being caused by 2 plugins sharing the function, which I doubt, you would have nearly immediately have seen the problem (it would have popped up when you enabled the second plugin)

    Since its apparant that you did NOT follow those instructions, employ some normal troubleshooting techniques, and disable ALL of your plugins, (you are unequivocably unclear about whether or not you are actually able to do that in two posts above but im not going to argue that point). If you cannot disable them, then download them, so you have copies, then re-upload them and activate them one at a time.. paying attn to what happens with whatever output youre seeing whereever youre seeing it.

    That function does not exist within the wp core files and there’s only one way to troubleshoot plugin issues and thats it.

    I appreciate your time and input, however there is no need to be rude; this is new territory for me and I am trying to learn.

    As stated in my second post, I am able to deactivate my plugins from the Plugin Management screen (and I do have copies of them at the ready).

    I also did deactivate all plugins prior to performing the upgrade — however in reviewing the instructions I see where I have likely made a different mistake along the way.

    im not being rude, im being succinct.

    Have you tried deactivating ALL of the plugins, and then reactivating one by one? Also, try in different combinations of activation (er, don’t delete any of them yet — deletion is NOT the same thing as deactivation).

    What plugins do you have?

    Although the error message you posted seems to indicate that it is one and only one plugin (flickrss.php) that is generating the conflict by declarations on 12 and 15. hrm.

    his plugin directory is browsable,and the timestamps indicate that he just reuploaded them all. and i thought i suggested what you just said?

    perhaps in his upgrade he managed to have it activated 2x.

    ah well, i give up, moving on 🙂


    If you’re upgrading from verison 2.3, the plugin will break, so you’ll need to fill out the options panel again. Other than you should be ok (unless you used parameters). If you’ve embedded flickrRSS in your posts, you’ll probably need to alter each one, or customize your own plugin.

    Except that’s referring to upgrading from 2.3 version of the plugin to the 3.x. Dang.

    Maybe you can get some more help at the flickrrss forum.

    This was attributable to pilot error during the upgrade process on my part. I thought I’d followed the sequence correctly but dicovered that was not the case, I’d misread something important :\. I apologize for the confusion.

    I’ve reverted to 2.0 and after tidying things up will perform the upgrade *properly*. Thanks, OtherMichael.

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