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  • I have a serious problem,I paid someone to redo my website, they did it thru wordpress, the gallery plug-in was update to nextgen gallery 2.0 since then I have no gallery and now I’m getting this error message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_user_logged_in() in D:\Hosting\6109568\html\mypartylifeupload\wp-content\plugins\member-access\lib\MemberAccess.php on line 217” . Where do I go from where cause not able to get my web designer and I run a party night-life website so without no gallery, this no business.

    Has this error message I have resolved it for now by deleting the nextgen plug-in from Filezilla, my gallery is backup and I’m still able to get anywhere from this point forward.

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    Lots of people have reported that version 2.0.0 isn’t working well with WordPress 3.5.2 (the latest versions of each). You can see that here. Read through the top notices and go from there. Note that you shouldn’t uninstall the plugin as it will delete your galleries.

    Thanks for the info,my gallery is back up on my laptop. I had to do it that way cause that error message came up if you just type my website address you didn’t even have to log in to wordpress, once I removed it you were able to go to my site, just still don’t have a gallery to view the plug-in will not install at all.

    How do I go about getting this problem resolved to be able to see my gallery once again. currently I don’t have nextgen gallery installed either on wordpress or filezilla but I downloaded the roll back version 1.9.12 & 1.9.13. I’m lost trying to get this gallery back operational.



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    Please see the other threads on the NGG forums for additional help with this issue:

    I had updated my site to NextGen 2.0 and my site crashed! for 24 hours I had lost everything!!
    The good folks at FATCOW web hosting rolled my site back (to NGG 1.9.13) and saved my site and my life!! lol! I am very grateful for the help and I want to take the time to thank the team who worked on my problem for their assistance! Anyone looking for web hosting I definitely recommend FATCOW!

    My site is

    I am trying to use the NextGEN gallery 2.0.40 plugin on the current WordPress. The gallery lets me download groups of pictures and add comment.
    I cannot attach these to my Phote page in wordpress. I get to the page and can select the picture group with “Set NextGEN featured image, Hit Select, then hit the save and nothing happens. I was hoping to insert the pictures at the cursor location in the work area.

    I know that un the video that once the Nextgen gallery plugin was installed that it added an icon in the page work space, which did not happen. So I assumed that the Set nextgen featured image would possible perform the function of inserting the gallery selection into the work space.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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