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  • I know how WPSS works as I tested it on my localhost before installing it online.

    I’ve succeffully installed and activated WPSS on my website.

    When I go to “WPSS – Setup” I have a blank quiz to fill.

    However each time I try saving entered text, it appears to me the same blank quiz again and again. I also see the number of (blank) “Field Name”, “Questions”, and “Scoring Ranges” increasing each time.

    Some other hints:
    Under the menu “+add new quiz | Select Quiz to Edit:” I don’t see anythinkg where I whould see “Quiz-1”

    At the end where says
    ‘Update settings, input questions and insert:


    into your content, where you want the quiz to appear.’

    where it should say
    ‘Update settings, input questions and insert:


    into your content, where you want the quiz to appear.’

    Does anybody have the same problem?

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  • I have the same problem! I sent an email to the plugin author and hope to get a little assistance from them.

    By any chance are you running WordPress on IIS (Windows) as opposed to Linux and Apache? I am leaning towards that being an issue so far. But I am not sure.

    Hi kamenlee,

    Yes, it’s giving me problems under Windows, but not under Linux. Hope you get an answer.

    GREAT! I just told my client that I am going to try moving to one of my Linux servers and off of his IIS server.

    This is great confirmation. Thanks!

    Once I test, I will also send a message to the support board for the plugin. This should be noted.

    Hi There,

    Was there any fix for this problem, as have just started to get it myself. Was all working yesterday on a localhost copy, so installed on live website – However, unable to create any questions as will not save – When I then go back to admin screen it has duplicated questions/answers/results fields many times and appears to be stuck in a loop.

    Real shame as was a PERFECT app for my requirements.



    I have used it successfully on normal LAMP environments (Linux) since this post. Are you using Windows IIS to host?

    Hi Kamenlee,

    Yes – W2008 R2, IIS 7.5

    Real pain, as it’s the only survey plugin I can find that enables you to redirect to a specific page, dependent on results. If this worked, I would happily pay for it!

    Thanks for info and quik reply – Appreciate it.

    I never found a way to fix it on IIS. The client refused to consider moving hosting for that particular site since they were a Windows house, but with WordPress, I always suggest LAMP. Always. Depending on your situation, it might be worth it.

    Cheers Kamenle. Our Web Hosts have taken the issue up, and will see what they can do. If I get an alternative answer I’ll ensure I update this thread.

    I’m using a Contact 7 form to do the bits I wanted to do with the survey tool – Not ideal, but it’s a workaround for now.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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