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  1. geo22cfc
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hey i recently installed word press to create a blog for a new website i am creating and after being given the theme twentyten by default i saw it did not look like how my current site looked so i started going through all the appearance files and editing them.

    i got really far and made some great progress and then all of a sudden i edited something and then something went horribly wrong and now the page my site was hosted on... geoentertainment.co.uk/blogs ... and the page after you log in would not load so now i cannot log in to my wordpress site to edit the changes to get it fixed.

    i know from now on i should always back up my files and stuff before making edits and then i would not have this problem but is there anyway at all i would be able to fix the site?

    or is there a way I can start again from scratch by re-installing the files to my web hosting?


  2. Samuel B

    Posted 5 years ago #

    you can delete the twenty ten theme folder in wp-content
    then manually ftp a fresh twenty ten theme back in

    or if you know for sure which file you borked, you can just upload that file

    you might consider finding a theme close to what you want - easier mods that way

    you might want to consider creating a child theme, also, so updating a theme won't kill your mods

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