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  • Hi all,

    First post, new user! I am new to wordpress and am hoping to learn how to use its impressive components to create advanced web designs akin to

    That being said, I am having trouble advancing through the installation. I’m running a Mac with 10.8.4 and Safari BTW I was having trouble advancing past the configuration file so I redownloaded wordpress and uploaded the sample instead.

    I got to the point where the web browser asks me to input the information and I did so and it seems to be successful but I cannot tell due to the fact that all I see is a white screen. Any tips?


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  • esmi


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    Try checking your site’s error logs for messages. Your hosts should be able to help you in accessing your site’s error logs.

    esmi, thanks. I’m hosting through I’ll check with them later and see what the problem should be. Or would it be through the MAMP localhost

    I got everything “started” through apple’s iWeb and if you look at my site you can see that it works but I used iWeb to the extent of what I can do with it and need to move forward.



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    Are you installing WordPress on a local server a remote one?



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    Then check your local server’s error logs.

    I’m not seeing anything too alarming in the error logs at all. When I try and refresh the blank page it says Error: “Table Prefix” must not be empty ( but it isn’t.)

    Still having trouble here…

    When I try through Firefox I get the error “The Connection was Reset”



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    That sounds like you have some serious issue in your local server generally.

    If you left your MAMP installation at the default settings then:

    – from the MAMP Start page, select phpMyAdmin after starting both servers and ensuring they are “green”
    – select the Databases tab (right pane)
    – enter a name in the Create database field (no spaces) – use wp36 for this exercise – and click Create … you are done for now with phpMyAdmin
    – create a folder in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs – call it wp36 as well
    – copy & paste the WP 3.6 ZIP that you downloaded and extract it in the wp36 folder
    – there will then be a folder in there named wordpress
    – move the entire contents of that wordpress folder up one level into wp36 and delete the empty wordpress folder
    – in your browser, enter localhost:8888/wp36 to start the install
    – click the Create a Configuration File button on the first screen
    – click the Let’s go! button on the next screen
    – enter these values:

    NOTE: these values are for the DATABASE and NOT the WP log in! Unless you have changed the default MAMP settings, the User Name and Password MUST BE root

    Database Name: wp36

    User Name: root

    Password: root

    Database host: localhost:8889 <<<NOTE the 9 !!! :8888 is the port for the web server, :8889 is the port for the database server >>>

    Table Prefix: wp_

    Click Submit

    All right, sparky! … click Run the install

    Complete the next screen and click Install WordPress

    – this screen is where you enter the log in credentials to the WP Dashboard.

    Time yourself … should take well under 5 minutes 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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