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  • My url is

    Sometimes it will return articles, but most of the time I get this error “Preview not available. Add this content to your page to see it. “

    Or it will show them then when I click add to my yahoo it doesnt work then gives that preview message.

    Please help

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  • I’ve had trouble with several readers including Bloglines, Bloglet and Yahoo when using the “?feed=rss2” url and much less trouble when using the “wp-rss2.php”. You might try adding instead.

    My Yahoo can pick up your feed just giving the URI of the website. Mine did 🙂

    I tried this as well, and it did not work for me either.

    I can not get my feed to show up in Yahoo!’s RSS reader on MyYahoo!. I have tried all the URLs, and nothing. However, it does work in my RSS Mac X program called Owl. It looks like the feed works, but I am desperate to find out why it won’t work in Yahoo. For biz related purposes, this aspect has to work for me.


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    What version of WordPress are you running?

    When I try to add my own wordpress feed to Yahoo, it will display in the preview mode of Yahoo, after manually entering the URL and hitting ADD but when I click “add to my yahoo” it does not add. There is no error, but there is no confirmation box either like on others (even the rightofseattle above).

    I’ve tried all of these URLS below, and ALL of them display fine after clicking ADD, but not working after I try to Add to My Yahoo . This is obviously a Yahoo problem, but does anyone know a solution for me?

    Oops – I just looked, and I’m running version Is that my problem? upgrading seems like a hassle, but I may have to try it…
    Anyone else have a solution?

    Talk to “Yahoo.” It is not a WP issue if your feed is valid, hence not much activity in this thread over the past few months beyond “works for me”

    I too am having the same problem with yahoo and msn. I wanted to add my blog to my yahoo it shows up when you do a manual add content initially then disappears when you try to view. no content ever shows. Then when i try again it will not add it as it cant find a feed at the url listed. similar with MSN. As for google not even sure where to find rss feed addition on my google. any help or clues much appreciate (still a novice)

    I am new to blogging so this might explain why i seem to be confused as to what is deemed as support. I have already posted on this subject as have others and no help has appeared.

    I cant add content in google, yahoo or msn why is this? surely someone has an idea ?
    has anyone succeeded i would asssume the answer is yes as it was advised that this would be a good thing to do by much more experienced guys than me. So how do we do it? I have the latest version.

    Do i give up on this or is there some i can do?

    Yes its a pain..
    Apparently its a yahoo and msn problem. I dunno..

    After much fruitless fiddling I managed to get something to show on myyahoo by using

    not ideal but better than nothing!

    I’m running WP 1.5.2 on two of my blogs, and I’m experiencing the same problem with my feeds as Shakhan above. People can’t add them to My Yahoo. (Not sure about My MSN and/or My Google.)

    Would this situation likely be addressed by upgrading to version 2.0.2? As it stands, I have no need to upgrade right now, but if doing so will address the situation then I will do it. I’d like to solicit some opinions first, please.


    I was having the same problems adding my WordPress feed to MyYahoo. I couldn’t get it to work when I tried to add it from within my Yahoo Mail account but here’s how to get it to work.

    1. First, copy your WordPress feed URL ( more than likely)

    2. Go to Yahoo’s “Add RSS by URL” page (
    You’ll have to already be logged into your “My Yahoo” account or you’ll have to log in once you enter this URL.

    3. Paste your feed URL and click the “Add” button.

    4. You’ll see a screen that shows a preview of the feed and has a button for you to add the feed to your “My Yahoo”. Click that button.

    5. Go back to your “My Yahoo” account and make sure the feed got added. You might have to click the “Check Mail” button button so it updates the list of feeds.


    I’m having trouble with Yahoo and adding some RSS feeds. (Others are successfully added).

    This may not be a WordPress issue.

    The RSS (2.0) feeds show up as you add them but when you go to your yahoo page, you see that the adding process aborted and they aren’t there.

    These RSS feeds are validated so I think this is a Yahoo issue.

    If anyone comes on a solution, please post or email me.



    I’m going to add that if you search for other wordpress blogs that add to yahoo, they do exist. One such one is who uses the line

    He uses the additional “content?url=” over the traditional rss?url= so I must assume that Yahoo does have to index your feed before you can add to their service. It’s the only logical conclusion I can think of.

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