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    As you can see here :

    When I scroll to the next post, “Le surentraînement” I have a summary but if I click on a link, it redirects me to the first article.

    Is there a solution for this? Car 1 section 3 has a summary 🙁

    Thanks for support

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  • Plugin Author dcooney


    Hi espace.
    Looks like there is a small issue/bug with the scrolling to section on

    You might need another solution because this Add-on updates the page URL and you are appending an #anchor to the URL which is then removed when you click the anchor.

    The plugin ok,

    but if i click on a link of a second article, there is a “bug”

    for example :

    First link :

    The second article is :

    If i click on the URL on the navigator change but I am redirect to the first page (

    Is it possible to add a refresh when we click on a link ?

    Thanks for support

    Plugin Author dcooney


    Is it possible to add a refresh when we click on a link ?

    That is something you would have to take care of. Likely using some custom javascript.

    I try to add target=”_self” or target=”_parent” but no way.

    We can’t use internal link with anchor or a summary with this plugin 🙁

    Plugin Author dcooney


    Everything is going to be alright!

    Is it possible to create a linking system with JavaScript?

    This is the code to call the link :

    if ( in_array($matches[$i][2], $this->options['heading_levels']) ) {
    					$html .= '<a href="#' . $this->url_anchor_target( $matches[$i][0] ) . '">';
    					if ( $this->options['ordered_list'] ) {
    						// attach leading numbers when lower in hierarchy
    						$html .= '<span class="toc_number toc_depth_' . ($current_depth - $numbered_items_min + 1) . '">';
    						for ($j = $numbered_items_min; $j < $current_depth; $j++) {
    							$number = ($numbered_items[$j]) ? $numbered_items[$j] : 0;
    							$html .= $number . '.';

    is there a code or a hack to add because, summary is vital for big article..

    You can try here :

    yes I think it is possible but I don’t know why. You have always my FTP informations, the plugin is table-of-contents-plus there is only 1 file .php

    Thanks you very much for support 🙂

    Hello dcooney, can you give support for this problem, many people have anchors

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    Front-end developer

    @espace69, Please don’t create multiple accounts.

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    Hello … this problem was resolved ? Please can you give me the trick because I am using TOC+ (table of contents plus) and it don’t work anymore when I use Ajax load more.

    Plugin Author dcooney


    Please stop this.

    ?? Sorry ? I don’t understand. Stop what ?

    @benyflo: This is not your topic. If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Plugin Author dcooney


    You are clearly espace69. This is getting ridiculous.

    Thanks you 🙂

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