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  • Someone, or all involved must have made a huge mistake not testing this way of working with real writers. Even as a drag and drop tool its worthless.
    Luckily its possible to disable the GUI, and use classic editor.

    Also the html code generated is more machine readable than human readable, and why does it differs when adding a picture with Gutenberg and when adding a picture with classic editor.

    So now its not any good as editor nor to view html.

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  • Hi, thanks for the feedback!

    What were the worst problems that you ran into while trying to use it to write in Visual mode?

    When you used the HTML editor, was it because you prefer having the control of editing the HTML directly, or were there bugs that you needed to use the HTML editor to fix?

    These are the differences I see between the images produced in each editor:
    * Block is wrapped in <figure> instead of <p>
    * Classic specifies a sized URL and CSS class by default, while the Block’s src is the original image and there aren’t any sized CSS classes.
    * The sizes in the srcset and sizes attributes differ, similar to the previous bullet point.
    * The Classic image has width and height attributes, while the Block doesn’t.

    ( Some of those may be different based on the specifics of the image, options selected, etc, those are just the ones I saw in my test ).

    Was one of those the problem that you saw? Did you experience a problem with the new markup, or was it just the inconsistency between the two that was a problem?

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