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  • To begin with, 2 years ago this was almost a “must have” plug in. If you wanted a professional filmstrip you were left with precious few choices. Now days you can pick from dozens of them.

    Still, I continue to use this one because I have a yearly subscription and the fact that I know it and can get around it pretty easily.

    Having said that, there are numerous issues that still confound me to this day and I have grown tired of fighting it.

    Create a gallery – load up all of the descriptions – sort the gallery – save – open page and…. Wala! Maybe… just maybe it will work fine. Other times, it will give you a ridiculous error like “Image not found:×90/crop/2e84abf95f2e2f4a499f79085367a314”

    It matters not that you have made other galleries just fine. No, this is a crap shoot. Maaaaaaybe, just maybe this one will work without a hitch.

    OTOH, you have a 1 in 4 chance it won’t and you are left with recreating from scratch to get rid of the error.

    When it works, it is great. When it doesn’t, it is 30 more minutes of your life wasted….

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  • The “Image not found” shows when an image is not found in the selected gallery.

    If you’re receiving that when the images exist then I suggest contacting support. There could be something else going on, like maybe a corrupt database.

    Plugin Author Imagely


    I can understand why you’d feel frustrated, @blitzburgh. Having unexpected errors randomly appear as you have described is concerning. We want to help you clear those out, would you mind contacting us through your member account here: . We’ll take a closer look and see what we can find. Please also reference this review URL in your message, for our support crew. 🙂


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    (Well, here is what I just wrote but now this can be disregarded as the images are magically back and will not let me delete this post.)

    Oh this just gets better and betterer…

    Today a customer called and asked if I had any pictures of a condo they could see online.

    “Why of course we do!” I replied. (What kind of nincompoop would I have to be to create a webpage for a rental unit without pictures. Good grief, I spent the better part of 3 weeks photoshopping them, optimizing them, describing them… seriously, who wouldn’t have pictures?)

    I directed her through the steps of how and where to see them and danged if she didn’t come back and tell me “Ah dun see um. Where dey at?”

    (Irritated because she clearly was yanking my chain I walked her through the steps of where to see the page – then the images – all while clicking the same steps myself.)

    Guess what…. no images.

    (FACE PALM! Beat head on table…FACE PALM! Beat head on table…FACE PALM! Beat head on table…FACE PALM! Beat head on table…FACE PALM! Beat head on table…FACE PALM! Beat head on table…FACE PALM! Beat head on table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    So now I have a webpage that used to have an image gallery. (Actually, make that 13 pages that all had image galleries) And now they have none.

    The kicker is this – in preview they are there. In live, nothing. They were there yesterday though…

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    and now the pictures are gone again…

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    Think we isolated the culprit to WP Fastest Cache plugin. Sorry for the rant…

    Please considering editing your star rating being that the issue was not one of NextGEN Gallery, but rather the caching plugin.

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    I will do that – but I have no idea of how to do it.

    Still, the original issue still remains and was the cause for the 2 star rating from the outset. The last part was additional frustration – but as noted, nothing to do with NGG.

    If you can let me know how to revise a review, I will be more than happy to look into it.

    Yes you can edit. You should see something like this above:

    @blitzburgh – just a note to say thanks very much for updating us on that. And, yes, if you do get a chance to update your rating, we’d really appreciate it. Point received on the original issue. Thanks!

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