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    Version 2.0.17.
    With Nextgen activated I have constant unloadings and server drop connections trying to load admin pages and sometimes also front-end pages. Endless loading loops that end up with blank pages on both sides. This serious conflict is at his peak in editing a post.
    Two out of three times, when WordPress begins his auto-save, the server goes down and loses the connection, even on the public side: loading attempts lead to blank pages. After 3, 4 or more attempts, pages are only loaded when the autosave ends positively.
    I translate the error message:

    Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We are backing up this post in your browser, just in case.

    There’s no problem when I save manually.
    I also tested this on a site keeping Nextgen as the only activated plugin and I got either the “connection lost” message or an infinite loading of the page.
    So, during the “connection lost” message and the pointless loading, without closing the page I tried via FTP to rename the plugin folder to deactivate it at once. Suddenly the upload finished, saving was made ​​and the message disappeared.
    Once I put the right name the problem comes back after a while and when I rename the folder again it disappears.
    Server dropouts happen without working in the editor as well, sometimes even just by opening a page from both sides. It depends on the server peaks I suppose.
    If the server doesn’t go down, the load is in the order of 30-40 seconds after the last succesful attempt. On the other hand, if the server goes down, a blank page is shown.

    So, I tried turning off WP automatic saving via an action in the functions.php, and this seems to solve the problem. For now I haven’t experienced server drops anymore.
    This is a temporary solution to me of course, and I don’t know if it’s a Nextgen-WP autosave direct conflict, or a more general problem when a process is required.

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  • This is a serious error. which I have already noted recently in v 2.0.17 under XAMPP / Windows. However, I still have not found the cause of the problem. I thought maybe it is again only on XAMPP. But obviously there’s a fundamental trouble.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @tizz & @w.bear –

    I noticed a connection time-out issue one day last week that lasted an hour or so and put it down to really bad Internet latency, but if the two of you are seeing this being directly related to NextGEN Gallery we would really appreciate a full BUG Report (with login credentials) to resolve this issue as I have not seen any connection timeouts recently.

    Bug Reports:


    – Cais.

    I want to test a few more days, then I’ll do a bug report.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @tizz – Thanks!

    I predominately use sub-domains off of one of my main domains for NextGEN Gallery test installations and noticed a horrendous unable to connect issue at lunch today … turns out the main domain itself was unreachable (although it runs WordPress it does not currently have any NextGEN plugins installed on it). So I am definitely interested in your findings.

    – Cais.

    In my case it is not a nextgen 2.0 problem.

    I finally managed to solve the issue by using the localhost IP-address “” instead of ‘localhost’ for ‘DB_HOST’ in wp-config.php.

    Even if the connection is lost: I change the wp-config (localhost-> and everything works again.

    Sounds strange – because localhost and should be the same. But it works… πŸ˜‰

    I’ve done many tests, I gave up a couple of plugins, I fixed the CF7 plugin loading, empty the cache and changed W3TC configuration so many times that now my ideas are even more confused, and my (shared) servers are “stressed”.

    I’m not able to assume that there’s a conflict between WP (autosave) and Nextgen, but I can assume that Nextgen slows down the site loading in a consistent way, I could say this even earlier, but now I know for sure.
    Btw, deactivate/reactivate Nextgen caused a fatal error, then resolved.

    So I installed the P3 profiler plugin, and perhaps a graphical feedback is worth more than words, even if the results can change with each scan, even at close range.
    Here are the first results with v. 2.0.20 beta in a test site, four o’clock in the morning, 12 active plugins. When I saw, I couldn’t believe it. The whole pie is for Nextgen.
    Look at the number of queries, not to mention the impact and loading time.

    In the production site, v. 2.0.17, 13 active plugins, note MySQL queries p/visit too.
    There are 4 images, links in blue at the top.
    Other results:
    11.50 am Nextgen 69% of the pie
    1.05 pm -> 55% “
    5.48 pm -> 68% ”

    I noticed that the file which makes heavy loading is this:
    /nextgen-mediarss?template=playlist_feed&source=displayed_gallery&transient_id=varied and numerous numbers

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @tizz – Thanks, I’ll add that to the ongoing notes on MySQL load issues.

    – Cais.

    I moved the site to another server yesterday, a “brand new” one, and I hope that it will be more powerful.
    But, of course, the massive server work and requests to the database are coming from the plugin, so please don’t give up to improve this thing.
    I’m on your side, the heavy load is the only problem I have – now I hope I can say “I had” but it’s too soon to affirm it since after the transfer I hadn’t had time to work on it – but for the rest the plugin is fine to me.
    So I mark this as resolved, but please please please don’t give up.

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