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    Allow me to preface by saying I’m completely new to WordPress and don’t speak a lick of code.

    Problem: my managed playlist isn’t viewable on page, only sample player is embedded.

    Fixes I’ve tried: I disabled all other
    plug-ins, as you suggested on other posts, with no change. I have both the mp3 and ogg files uploaded to my media library.

    Prt Sc page set-up:

    Prt Sc of player embedded:

    I’ve seen you suggest that spaces in the “file names” be removed. Please explain which file names you’re referring to……the name of the media file stored in my library?…the name of the song listed in my managed playlist?…the name of the file in my page permalink?

    Please excuse the basic nature of my inquiry and thanks for any help/suggestions you can offer.

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  • My apologies…..forgot to note that I’m using:

    WP version 3.5.1
    Plugin version 2.0

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi dcgroshek… no worries, we all start somewhere!

    Usually when the sample player shows it is a problem with the shortcode… so let’s work through the possible problems:

    1. Check to see you have inserted the shortcode properly. I can see you’re using the Pro player so you need to create a playlist, add songs, and then find the playlist shortcode and copy and paste that into the page.

    2. Check to make sure you haven’t got any funny characters/symbols or spaces in the title of your playlist, or in the names of mp3/ogg files themselves (eg you should title a file mysong.mp3 not my song.mp3 or my#song.mp3)

    3. I can see in your screenshot that you haven’t got the shortcode in the page itself… so I’m guessing you’re using the widget? If so, did you go to Appearance > Widgets and set the playlist in the widget? Because if not then that would be why it is showing the sample playlist instead of your own playlist…

    Let me know how you go with these steps

    Thanks for your gracious reply Enigma.

    I’ve inserted the playlist shortcode into the page , which I hadn’t done before contacting you. Thank you. Here’s the screenshot of that.

    I think I have the playlist correctly assigned to the widget?? Screenshot here:

    Reading your other forum posts, it sounds like your plugin works best when NOT used in a widget? I tried to move the player widget into the “inactive” space, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

    Let me make sure I’ve correctly implemented my media by letting you know that I added each mp3 file and ogg file into my media library first, then assigned each permalink in the correct field for the update song page for the player. Screenshot here:

    Did I walk through THAT process correctly?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yup you did the process perfectly right. 🙂 And this has identified clearly what the error is…. it is a problem with what you’ve entered in the mp3 and ogg link fields.

    Referring to this screenshot you sent:

    I can see you have not linked to a proper URL (file path) to your music files. It should look something more like this:

    So you need to upload your mp3 and ogg versions of the music files to your server (you could do that via Media Library in WP) and then locate the full URL filepath to those files (if you did if via Media Library then click on the file, and over to the right you will see the URL). Then you can paste the URL in to the mp3 and ogg fields in the plugin songs area.

    Let me know how you go…

    Surely, you’ll be rewarded in heaven for dealing with my incompetence!!! We’re one step closer, but please secure your patience cap : )

    I found the error you outlined re: the incorrect URL filepaths for each mp3/ogg file and corrected each one, but still no luck.

    I have the player assigned as a right side bar half page widget:

    Here’s how I have the sidebar info set for the “listen & download” page:

    Now I don’t even have the sample player. Here’s what the page currently shows:

    Perhaps your next gracious reply will put yet another puzzle piece in place. Please know that I’m studying WP on my end with youtube videos, support forums and the “WordPress For Dummies” resources (I’m their poster child!).

    Let me give you more background info, if that might be helpful looking at the puzzle pieces.

    I have each mp3/ogg loaded in my GoDaddy file manager, having uploaded it from my harddrive:

    I also have each mp3/ogg file uploaded to my WP media library, having also uploaded each one from my harddrive.

    Perhaps I should delete all the GoDaddy files and re-upload them to that managed file from my WP media library instead of my hard drive???

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    haha ok moving on then…

    1. Give your audio files proper names… I can see in your file manager screenshot that you have spaces in the titles. In general with web stuff you really need to avoid characters and spaces… use a dash or an underscore instead of a space.

    2. Make sure you filepaths are correct. So one I can see would be:

    Tip: You are also linking to the whole audio files which means a) it is a large file for users to download which will appear like the player is being very slow to load the track (and a lot of users just think it doesn’;t work), and b) Visitors can pinch your music! So I personally always edit my sample tracks to just be a short clip. haha just to make your life harder…

    I’m back! : /

    I reloaded all my mp3/ogg files to my FTP and made sure there weren’t any spaces in the file names. I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

    I can’t even see the sample player on my page.
    Here are my page set-up shots:

    Thanks for your efforts on my behalf!

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi dcgroshek… perhaps at this stage it might be quicker if you send me a private email with some temporary admin login details and I can jump in and take a look for you?

    Brilliant! Thanks for your offer to do so. Having visited your site, is this the email address I should use??

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yep that’s the one

    OK……I think I sent it ?! I added you as a new user….hope I walked through that hoop correctly??

    Let me know what errors you find in my set-up. I have two other playlists I’d like to upload after fixing my errors with this first attempt.

    I REALLY appreciate your assistance in all this!
    Cheers : /

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi again… have logged in and checked your site and the plugin is working completely fine, it’s all in the configuration ;-p


    Have a bit of a look through the plugin settings to see how I’ve done this and I think you will see how it all works. In particular note the following:

    + I noticed you had ‘button code 1’ ‘button code 2’ etc instead of actual links that you want the buttons to link to. You also hadn’t labeled the buttons in settings properly…

    + Your own playlists aren’t working because the filepaths you’ve put in do not link to actual mp3 or ogg files… you need to upload your music files then take a note of the correct full URL and add those in the relevant fields…

    + Currently I’ve just put the demo player in as a standard shortcode in the page. I’ve used full width page template rather than trying to use the sidebar widget for the player… you could use the widget if you want – I checked it and it’s working fine. But it’s important to remember you can’t have more than 1 instance of the player on a page/post… so you had shortcode in the page, then also because you were using a template with sidebar and sidebar widget it was breaking… make sense?

    Rebuilt my site and added just your plugging and 1 post. Before it only played the sample. Now it will play the 1st file of the playlist. Please advise. My url is:

    Thanks “Maeve”! I can see from your test player settings what some of my errors have been.

    I think the only thing that’s still causing me to scratch my curly head is this:
    + Your own playlists aren’t working because the filepaths you’ve put in do not link to actual mp3 or ogg files… you need to upload your music files then take a note of the correct full URL and add those in the relevant fields…

    I have uploaded my mp3/ogg files to my WP media library and my GoDaddy FTP. I’m not understanding what other resource I’m supposed to be uploading them to so that said listener can then download from. I realize this falls into the “well, everybody knows the answer to THAT one!!!” category, so I appreciate your patience in advance. : /

    Cheers to you down unda…..

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