• This plugin looked promising but half of the functionality in the Pro version does not work. And no, I didn’t contact support because a plugin this simple should work as is out of the box or at least with very minimal issues. So I wanted to give an honest review of my experience since these reviews don’t add up to the experience I got when using the plugin, especially the Pro/paid version.

    Here is my list of complaints:

    • It didn’t deactivate the free version like it said it would.
    • It doesn’t use your styles in terms of fonts from your website, I had to overwrite them with CSS.
    • In the Advanced settings I thought it was cool that you could dequeue scripts not being used but it doesn’t work. They still load on the site. Tt would be better if it just automatically did that for you based on what was being used on the page. But then again, the functionality didn’t work.
    • The modal box does not come in on the page smoothly.
    • When you click for the modal box to popup, it takes about 3 seconds for it to load in. From a user experience stand point, you almost think it doesn’t work until it finally does.
    • There is no close button in the modal box or an option to add it.
    • The option to show or hide fields you don’t want to use doesn’t work, they still show.
    • The plugin is slow, NOT build for performance like it says.
    • Some of the overlay icon icons don’t show up on the site when selected.
    • I found myself adding a lot of CSS code since some of the style functionality doesn’t work or it just lacks the ability to customize.
    • And I wouldn’t call this plugin SEO optimized. What is optimized for SEO? There is not schema data that I saw in the code and there is more HTML code added than truly needed.

    I only tried to use a little bit of functionality from the Pro plugin but found it not to work or just lacking the ability to customize. I hate to add this bad review, but I don’t want others wasting their time and money on this crap plugin.
    I highly recommend you not to use this plugin and keep looking.

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  • Plugin Support Bayejid Ahmed


    Hi @troycartmill,

    Thank you for your feedback with detailed instructions and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    We have reviewed and found the issues you specified. We have noted these seriously and handed them over to the development team to figure out as soon as possible.

    After fixing these issues, we will notify you as early as possible. Your patience will be highly appreciated.

    Plugin Support Bayejid Ahmed


    Hi @troycartmill,

    Hope you are doing great.

    After getting your feedback we have vastly reviewed the plugin. We have gone through each and every point and fixed the issues you mentioned above. We have released a new version of the plugin and we would appreciate it if you could overview the plugin once again. If there is any scope to improve, feel free to share it with us. We are improving the plugin day by day and any idea or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thread Starter troycartmill


    I tried to edit my review two times but it tells me I don’t have permissions to edit it. But yet it has a link saying I can edit my review at any time.
    Any ideas on why it says I don’t have permissions?

    Below is what I’m trying to edit my review to say and I was going to change from 1 star to 5 stars…


    Previously I had reviewed this plugin with a bad review because half the plugin was not working. But the team behind this plugin fixed everything that was broken in the plugin. I mean of course they should do that but I was impressed that they did it immediately and everything is working as it should now.

    Great job and thanks for fixing all the issues in a prompt manner!

    If you’re worried about the maintenance or support for this plugin, I can assure you they will get it fixed ASAP if any issues come up. After testing the plugin, everything is working perfect.

    Plugin Contributor Md Khalil Uddin


    Hi @troycartmill

    Thanks a lot for trying to edit your review. We have emailed you detailed instructions on how to edit a review. Please check your mail inbox.

    Have a good day!

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