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  • This is going to be a long review about the poor experience I had as their pro customer for the last 60 days. If you are planning to buy this plugin, do read this.

    I have used many premium WordPress plugins including Ultimate Member, FS-Poster, and more.

    I bought this particular plugin early in Jan, since day 1 I had severe issues, from straightup misbehaving addons, to errors in their own JS files. After 5 days of failing to fix it at my own level, I decided to contact support.

    Support quickly recorganised that all problems were from their end. I was promised a quick fix in the next update. It took more than 1 week to even start working on my issue.

    Frustrated and irritated by their slow response I demanded a refund, as I was elligble for refund in case they failed to fix my issues. They reassured me about fix being right around the corner.

    Few days later the update which was supposed to fix everything was released. Even when they did roll out the update, the issues remained unfixed.

    Ofcourse they changed a few things that fixed 1 of the issues, but that gave rise to even more issues. I reported all of them. They concluded all issues to have already been fixed from their side.

    I gave them full benefit of doubt trying to figure out what’s wrong. I did plugin/theme conflict test and ruled out all other factors, and realised the issues were from their end.

    The issues now are so servere that keeping the Pro plugin activated for longer than 4 hrs results in my site breaking up.

    I reported the same. However, this time things got even worse. I wrote them an email on 23rd, and then wrote another mail on 25th.

    They have now stopped reading my mails and are not replying to any of my queries.

    I have been repeatedly asking them for either fixing this issue immediately or refunding my money.

    You see in such an expensive plugin, I have already wasted 2 months of license period without being able to use the plugin. 2 Months worth of money already wasted, let alone the time I wasted in customer support, writing this review, and more.

    The lack of communication from their side for the last 1 week has literally made my blood boil.

    I won’t ever recommend this plugin to anyone.

    I plan to launch a legal complaint if I recieve no further communication from them.

    I will keep replying to this review and keep you all updated about every happing.

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