• Hi it’s been a while since I last updated my quick cache plugin,

    but since I have upgraded to the latest build I saw the new pro version which leads me to my question.

    base from the old version some of the features before are free like the quick access on clear cache on the admin bar,

    but how come on the latest version it is not included on the light version anymore

    kindly enlighten me although I am interested to purchase the cache plugin but I just want to assure if that will really affect more on my site?

    please to enlighten me on this matter because on my first impression it seems some of the features from the old has just move to the PRO which is for me a bit disappointing because I am seeing this before only for free but now I need to pay for it.

    I know you did great job on this guys I don’t have any problem on that just want to validate thanks 🙂


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