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  • You plan to buy the Astra Pro? Think twice as it may not be what you’re expecting on the Premium support side.

    They advertise a Premium Support 24/7 and that it may take up to 24hrs to get back to you.

    Looks like an excellent support but wait, that’s not the reality at all!

    First support ticket I opened on their Pro site took over 48hrs to get back to me. In fact, I had to report it here to get a reply and the issues never been resolved.

    They request to provide more details for them to reproduce the issues.

    Exactly what I did by providing videos, instructions and since them, silence! Nothing!

    We’re again 48hrs later and no reply from the Pro support and they never watch the videos.

    So buyers, be aware! I don’t recommend buying the Pro version if you’re expecting support within 24hrs.

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  • Hello @logikconcept

    Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!

    The agent handling your question got ill and also due to the weekend right after, we couldn’t handle your question correctly.

    We are not giving a reason, but I am ensuring your question will be answered and we will help you in a timely manner.

    And we will try to change your mind.

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    I wish guys will make me change my mind!

    Not long after your reply, yes an agent get back to me and asked for login details and also instructions to reproduce the issues which I initially sent 3 days ago including videos but, I send it again to this agent about 8hrs ago.

    That will make about 5 days that my project is on hold because of these issues!

    I don’t know if week-ends are Days Off but if it’s the case, please change the advertising that state a Premium Support 24/7 for the Pro version.

    I hope to have a positive outcome to this!

    Thanks for your understanding

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    Another 24hrs passed and still no update from the development team.

    After providing instructions to reproduce the issue, wp login and pw and ftp access, total silence.

    I even sent new videos to demonstrate new findings of the issue and videos never been watched.

    My conclusion!

    WP Astra Premium support is not 24/7.

    Looks more that this support is weekdays only and day shift.

    You try to show them the Pro Addon have an issue and this is what you get.

    I’ll post shortly all the timeframe of this! This is not Premium Support! Sorry

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    Update: Finally the support team been able to reproduce the issue by following carefully our instructions.

    We submitted a temporary workaround to fix the issue and Brainstorm Team are working on a permanent fix that should come out soon as a plugin update.

    I’ll give them a chance because this is the first experience with the Premium support team and I’m pretty sure they will look to improve their support as they seems very devoted to their project.

    Hello @logikconcept,

    I am Elvina from team Astra.

    Thank you for sharing the update here! 🙂

    And yes, we have taken this on priority and we will release it in an update soon.

    The main reason this took time was that it is rare and we had to try several setups to replicate it. Anyway, now that we’ve replicated this at our end, we’ll get back to you soon.

    Thank you for your patience and co-operation!

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