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  • Hello all,

    I am looking for some modification that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere. What I’d like is a way to kind of blend together the functionality of private posts and password protected posts I guess. I’m not sure that is exactly what I want to say I guess.

    The problem I have with just setting posts to private is that if somebody is not logged in, there is no way of them even to see that there is a post at all. But I don’t want to password protect them all, because… I don’t remember why. It seems when I originally thought of this 4 days ago I could remember why I wanted it this way but now I can’t.

    I guess ideally what I would like is for if I set something to be private, they’ll see the title of the post and maybe a little snippet that says “This post is private. Please log in to read” or something like that.

    Any ideas or advice from anyone?

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  • good luck. i am having the same problem currently. let me know and i will let you know…the race is on! roxy

    I use a plugin for this called Category Access which can be found here:

    When people are NOT logged in, you can see there’s a post there and you can set the text to read something like “log in if you want to read this”.

    Of course, you have to attribute all these particular posts you write to this category (I called it “MembersOnly”), but it’s simple enough.

    Is this the kind of thing you mean?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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