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    I saw had mentioned that private posts are honored with this plugin.

    However, what about if a site has “discourage search engines” checked under WordPress’ reading settings and/or if it’s marked as a “private” site via the WordPress Network/Multi-site site settings?

    I could see people potentially wanting to install & prep this plugin on a site in development prior to launch, and they don’t want things being sent off until it’s ready (which then just has that one setting to change rather than doing that as well as needing to hold off on implementing this plugin until then also.)

    I could see the page/post/etc. listing status column saying something like “Not Applicable on Non-Public / Robot-Disabled Sites” instead of the “Not Applicable” message shown for private content to help highlight the cause of the message/status.

    What are your thoughts on this? Is this actually already being done (they’re just left as “Queued”; which makes me think they might not be getting explicitly blocked like they should be…?) & the status message just isn’t specifying it, or is it something to be implemented yet?

    As an aside, is this plugin on GitHub or similar to help support community-based development? If so, I think it’d be good to have a link to it in your plugin description to help those that might want it (also helps with plugin selection to know there’s a good level of support/opportunity for growth out there for the plugin.)

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  • Oh, and thanks for the great plugin! Let me know if there are any questions or anything regarding the request here.


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    to address your questions

    1. The plugin just looks at the post/page/cpt status of publish and when a post is published or modified pings the wayback machine. I´m reluctant to add settings (I like simple plugins) and given multisite sites marked private or sites with discourgae search engines may want their content archived I am not going o write login along those lines (simpler is better). I add a filter though.

    2. Not sure what you mean when you talk about queued. only posts with an applicable status (publish) should be labelled as queued.

    3. Yes I should (and will) put in on github, like most of my code. I don´t use github though in my own coding and all my pugins are work product that I make open source (and I use 95% of them). You are right though

    Ah, I think I saw them as queued and thought that having the site saying it shouldn’t be indexed is what was causing it since it was given a fool’s errand to ask Wayback Machine to save a page that’s saying it shouldn’t index.

    I sent a test through that has Settings => Reading setting to disallow search engines (noindex on the page), and Wayback Machine did end up saving the webpage. So it appears my assumption was incorrect in this regard (it really was just queued… and it will eventually archive the page even though it’s set with “noindex” for the page[s].) This addresses points 1 & 2.

    As such, I think the plugin’s fine as-is. Though filters are certainly always welcome (I agree that a filter would be better than adding a settings page.) 🙂

    Glad to hear your thoughts on GitHub, too. I always appreciate seeing a plugin on there.

    Thanks for the quick response,

    Plugin Author shawfactor


    resolving for good order


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