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  • I would like to create a log in system for my website and was hoping someone could suggest some good plugins to accomplish a few goals for me. I am building a photography website, so I’d like to create a few different user types for my site.

    Each type will have a unique set of questions or fields to fill out when registering with me.

    My client page will request information to establish shoot details. (dates of events, people involved, ect.)

    When they log in, this will be where they can potentially view their prints, buy, or to leave feed back, or have a calendar that only displays their shoot dates or other meetings.

    I think I have some plugins that will be able to handle the calendar, proofing and feedback, but I’d like this page to be unique to each client.

    Different clients may receive different price list for the products.
    This will be assigned in the back end.

    2. I want to create a way for people to earn some money by promoting my services. So their registration form will only include contact information needed for payment and to create a unique referral code for themselves. Then when a new client registers with a referral code, I will know to credit his account with the arranged commission.

    If he logs in, he can see how many people he has referred and any pending payments.

    3. Art buyer, Once I get my site established, I’m probably going have some non portraits available for sale as well, so I want my buyers to register as well in order to get the price list.

    4. Follower- simply for people who enjoy my work and want to be on an email list of updates.

    The first two options are the big ones I want to figure out.

    A prospective or past client can also have a referral code to promote my site.

    So I need a plugin that can create a multistep registration process. 1. Enter standard registration info, (name, email, PW) and the account type they are creating. Then depending on their selection, more fields will display that correspond to their selection.

    2. I need a better user management back end for this information. Especially user type so i can filter actions accordingly.

    3. Users should be able to update their status or information at any time.

    If you all have suggestions, please let me know. Thanks

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  • Okay, I’m not going to be too comprehensive here, because this is a very complex set of goals you’re trying to accomplish.

    First, I would recommend trying out the Membership plugin to manage user account levels. It allows you a great deal of flexibility in dealing with your subscription models. It also allows for the creation of custom user profile pages.

    If you want to establish an affiliate program on your website, I would recommend looking into the Commission Junction. As I understand it, they are a third-party service that allows you to set up your own affiliate marketing, and set/approve deals with specific vendors interested in promoting you.

    If you use membership. I think it gives you the ability to gate content based on the subscription level of your users. This means that you can have a “Regular Joe Schmoe” account, and an “Art Dealer Account”. Then, on your pages, have certain buttons, options, and pages open only to the “art dealers”.

    So long as you are using the blog functionality of WordPress to display your work, having followers is as simple as having them sign us to your RSS feed using a reader.

    Not too sure if any of that gets you any closer to what you want to do, but I hope it at least gives you a place to start.

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