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  • First I’d like to say thanks for the amazing new 2.0! I love the fact that the private posts are now integrated on the main page when you are logged in! Something I wrote the code for way back in the b2 days!

    However, I’d like to request that there be some sort of distinction on the main page between public and private entries. IE, add a “- Private” after the post-title.


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  • I’ve created a plugin for this.
    You can find it here:


    I’ve updated my plugin to version .5

    This new version adds lots of new features.

    The biggest one is a management page for all private posts. This page is listed under the “Manage” admin menu and is caleld “PrivatePosts” this page allows you to view all the private posts and to mass update them to change them to Public posts.

    I’ve also added a function called “show_private_posts()” which you can see in action on the left menu bar under “Recent Privates”. This function uses the WordPress options of “Posts Per Page” and “What to Show” to show the most recent private posts. If there are no private posts it will not print anyting (Not even the header).

    Lastly, I’ve made some updates to the original function of this plugin, I’ve added a variable called the ‘$Private_Indicator’ which makes it easy to change what the main page indicator is. IE, you can change it to an img, etc.

    You can find the new plugin here.

    Happy Hacking! 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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