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    Great work on the plugin, I have a question & a functionality request if that’s okay.

    If I make a page and it is set to private, when I am in a different page and I choose to insert the previous private page, it will not show up in the ‘Paste URL or type to search’ drop down list when I start typing it’s name.

    It appears to make the ‘Reveal Private Pages?’ option a bit defunct?

    Let me know if I am doing something wrong here..

    Finally, one irrelevant to the topic request.
    I think it would be great if I could select the default ‘Display’ option.
    As 99% of the time I am using the ‘Content’ Display, I have to tell my clients to select their page, and then select the ‘Display: Content’ setting for the inserted page to show up in the editor.
    I am aware that is very simple stuff, but, for some clients that even starts to get confusing. If they could just type their page name in and then it appeared / rendered as ‘Display: Content’ it would be perfect and much less confusing for them.


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  • Plugin Author Paul Ryan


    We’ll take a look at the private page issue. Can you let us know what role you are seeing this as? And is this on the TinyMCE plugin (Classic Editor), or in Gutenberg?

    Re: default display, this should already be done on a per-user basis. The last display you selected will be used. If you want to override this behavior with a fixed default for all users, you can use the filters described here:

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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry I should have mentioned, this is in Gutenberg.

    Oh great! Thanks for that other info I’ll take a look.


    Plugin Author Paul Ryan


    Aloha, apologies for the long delay on this one! A few more details after re-reading your post:

    * This plugin was originally created 8 years ago when all we had was the Classic Editor, so there are a few features that still only apply to that (e.g., saving the last-selected display option that I mentioned above). The Gutenberg block is still pretty bare bones but gets the job done.

    * Regarding the “Reveal Private Pages?” option, this actually applies to front-end rendering, not the editor environment. So if the Anonymous users can see this inserted even if its status is private option is toggled on, then even anonymous users will be able see the rendered page inserted even if its status is Private. I think you’re referring to the editing environment, and what pages show up in the dropdown list as you start typing a page title in the Gutenberg block.

    So I think I understand the 2 things you’re asking for, please let us know if I misunderstood!

    1. In the Insert Pages Gutenberg block, make sure that Private pages still show up in the Paste URL or type to search field that lets you pick a page to insert.
    2. In the Insert Pages Gutenberg block, make the Display parameter default to the last-selected display by the current user.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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