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  • Hi. I’m using CBOX on a multisite installation with groupblog enabled and I’ve set a few groups to be private groups but with public blogs. When a user who is not a member of the group tries to click on the “blog” menu item, it redirects them to the login page, even though the blog is public. If they know the URL or click on the link I’ve provided within my site list, anyone can view that blog without having to login, so its only a problem if they try to access the site from the blog menu item in buddypress.

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  • Hi.
    I also noticed this behaviour.

    The only way to change this is to unhook BP Groupblog’s bp_groupblog_setup_nav function and write your own custom function. The following works for one of my CBOX instances when added to the theme’s ‘functions.php’ file:

     * Override default BP Groupblog nav item functionality
    function my_custom_groupblog_setup_nav() {
    	// only add for groups
    	if ( !bp_is_group() ) return;
    	// only act if blog not embedded in group template
    	$checks = get_site_option('bp_groupblog_blog_defaults_options');
    	if ( $checks['deep_group_integration'] ) return;
    	// get current group
    	$current_group = groups_get_current_group();
    	if (
    		// existing groupblog logic
    		bp_groupblog_is_blog_enabled( $current_group->id )
    		// mahype's fixes for the non-appearance of the groupblog tab
    		// with the addition of a check for the array key to prevent PHP notices.
    			isset( $_POST['groupblog-create-new'] ) AND
    			$_POST['groupblog-create-new'] == 'yes'
    	) {
    		// access bp
    		global $bp;
    		// group link
    		$group_link = bp_get_group_permalink( $current_group );
    		// parent slug
    		$parent_slug = isset( $bp->bp_nav[$current_group->slug] ) ?
    					   $current_group->slug :
    		// add a filter so plugins can change the name
    		$name = __( 'Blog', 'groupblog' );
    		$name = apply_filters( 'bp_groupblog_subnav_item_name', $name );
    		// add a filter so plugins can change the slug
    		$slug = apply_filters( 'bp_groupblog_subnav_item_slug', 'blog' );
    		// is this a private group?
    		if ( $current_group->status == 'private' ) {
    			// get group blog details
    			$blog_id = get_groupblog_blog_id( $current_group->id );
    			$details = get_blog_details( $blog_id );
    			// is the group blog public?
    			if( (bool) $details->public == true ) {
    				// override slug
    				$slug = $details->path;
    				// override group link
    				$group_link = bp_get_root_domain();
    		// define subnav item
    				'name' => $name,
    				'slug' => $slug,
    				'parent_url' => $group_link,
    				'parent_slug' => $parent_slug,
    				'screen_function' => 'groupblog_screen_blog',
    				'position' => 32,
    				'item_css_id' => 'group-blog'
    // do we have the BP Groupblog action?
    if( has_action( 'bp_setup_nav', 'bp_groupblog_setup_nav' ) ) {
    	// remove BP Groupblog's action
    	remove_action( 'bp_setup_nav', 'bp_groupblog_setup_nav' );
    	// replace with our own
    	add_action( 'bp_setup_nav', 'my_custom_groupblog_setup_nav' );

    Bear in mind that this is a bit of a hacky way of doing things, because the nav item’s slug and parent_url are being replaced with parts of the groupblog’s URL. Works for me at the moment, though.

    Cheers, Christian

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