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  • I love to have a private comment plugin, that allows the commenter to choose whether they want their comment public or private 😉

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  • That sounds like a really cool idea. I don’t know enough to make it, but are there any coders out there willing to?

    If a comment was made private, who would be able to see it? Just the Admin and the poster? People of a certain user level? How would the poster know what user level is appropriate?

    I think this is really counter intuitive to a public blogging scheme. If you wanted to send private comments, you would do so through a contact form or something.


    I can see your arguement about making posts public, but I can also see wanting posts related to the topic of a post staying in a post.

    Yes, the idea IS to make it so that only the admin and the user/or the admin only in the case of many blogs would be able to view the post.

    Er, then aren’t you really just looking for a feedback form, that sends you an email? If only the admin can see the comment, why have it there at all? So visitors can bitch about one another to the admin without the other person knowing? Again, better suited to a feedback form.

    I´m just loking for a comment system, like many guestbooks are that the allowes commenter choose if they want just that the admin see the comment or everyone, so why not a plug in in wp??. Sometimes I get(i dont know if its just me or somebody moore who gets it) comments that some commenters wants that just the admin/admins/members can read it, they dont want everyone to since they dont agree whit someonse.

    So visitors can bitch about one another to the admin without the other person knowing

    Not whit me ;o) *joking around*

    Sorry for my bad spellings and expression



    I know many who are looking for a private comment plugin! I’m one of them! Would be cool if people could have the ability to choose whether the comment should be public or private just for the blog owner (just like some guestbooks)
    Please please pretty please someone?? If I could I would create one instantly *grin*



    I hope it will come on next version of wp or someone will/want make a plugin like this

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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