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  • At the end of a private chat, when it sold its credits by clicking to close the window to return to the public chat the current balance of credits this same so can the user requests a new private chat up with the balance of negative credits, for system does not update the main chat and make due allowance to the end credits of a private chat, leaving the customer with the ability to requizitar how many private chats are of interest to it on your own skirt or a refresh on the page.
    Remember that this does not occur with the Tips, where you click on a respective item and the same is charged at the time and the balance of credits updated as it should occur at the end of private chat, just not occur.
    I wonder how do I fix this?

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  • Plugin Author videowhisper


    While transactions for tips occur instantly, for pay per minute transactions only occur when show ends (after a short time for system to make sure that private session ended).
    This is required to make a single transaction per entire show, not for each minute.

    By default billing occurs 10s after show ends in a standard way (by closing private chat by performer or client) or 120s if closed abruptly (this duration is allocated for situations where users temporary lose internet connection for short time but want to remain in session).

    These durations can be configured in plugin settings, in PPV section.

    If you need further clarifications or need assistance with troubleshooting any scenarios, send your inquiries to support staff from .

    Thanks for the answer,
    meant that when the chat ends, or someone is off or lack of credits, close the performer window and return to the public state of the client who had spent their claims with the session you can click the button and perform a new chat with one performer and when the time is up do the same process again until an update on the page or out for own account, at the end of your credits will be negative and proportional to that he spent what should not.
    Sorry, do not know if understand me, but your system is very good, study acquire it but he should cut customer connection as soon as the credits run out and not let them start another section to buy more credits, what can not test there.
    Hug and congratulations for the plugin and assistance.

    Plugin Author videowhisper


    Session end detection time can be customised from settings and is required for sessions where participants get abruptly disconnected (maybe connection lost for few seconds) but get back later.

    Detection latency is usually lower than grace time for private sessions. Issues with clients that consume more than they have should not occur unless you setup extreme settings like no grace time and big detection latency.

    See these parameters in PPV tab from plugin settings:

    Grace Time

    Private video chat is charged per minute after this time.
    Ex: 30; Set 0 to disable.

    Bill After

    Closed sessions are billed after a minimum time, required for both client computers to update usage time. There’s one transaction for entire private session, not for each minute or second.

    Close Sessions

    After some time, close sessions terminated abruptly and delete sessions where users did not enter both, due to client error. After closing, billing can occur for valid sessions. Also used for cleaning online viewers count.
    Minimum: 30 (lower that statusInterval would cause errors on viewer count and calculations). Ex. 120s

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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