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  • I’d like to know this also. Still searching through the forum for a way to do it.



    I would also like to know if this is possible…..anyone?

    An alternative approach…

    I started down this road and then discovered the viewlevel plugin. Instead of using private categories and public categories, I’m trying the approach of marking private posts with a numeric viewlevel. This hides the post from anyone not logged into my blog, and from registered users without a high enough user level (as specified by me).

    One benefit of this approach is that I no longer need a parallel hierarchy of categories — one set for public posts and another for private. I just post under “My Life” and set the appropriate view level, none for public posts and a numeric value for private posts.

    The only hiccup I’ve run into is picking the right user level to provide basically read-only access to registered users. I didn’t realize WordPress assigned special value to certain user levels. To fit within the default scheme, I set my registered users and private posts to level 1. Level 1 users can read my “private” posts but cannot publish new posts themselves. Not perfect, but perhaps a good first step.

    Does anyone know if this works with WP1.5? Thanks.

    Yes it does. Also check out another plugin called PostLevel or something along those lines.

    I see by adding the PLUGIN one can set the post to PRIVATE. But how do you say what User Level must exist to see PRIVATE messages.

    If I understand it right this plugin works with (user)levels. Now I would like to use a different approach:

    I would like to define users per category. So I would like to grant view-access to the public to several categories.

    But I would also like to add specific users to specific categories and exclude them from other categories (not based on their userlevel because that would allow higher level users access to all categories on a lower level and not exclude them from some). Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?

    To be more specific: I would like to make a blog for a teacher. She will post certain messages to all students, but also certain messages specificly targeted to just 1 class and not to another (e.g. homework/grades)

    FYI I also posted this question here:
    as the subjects seem very similar to me.

    does anyone see the possibility to make a whole category private instead of just 1 messag?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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