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  • Can you password protect the entire WordPress blog? In other words, have a private blog invisible to others on the Internet.

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  • Yup.
    .htaccess and .htpasswd
    Careful though – it’s only as good as those you trust 🙂

    Thanks, podz. But could you elaborate on your warning? Who specifically do I need to trust and how could they betray that trust? Thanks again.

    If you say “Podz, here’s the pw to my private blog” you have no control over who gets that pw. I can post it anywhere.
    The password itself is a level of security. If it’s a word or two, or a date, it can be got past eventually. Use a random 16 character pw.
    And in the end, if you really really don’t want others to know, don’t put it on the net ….

    Thanks. Even if someone managed to get into it, they wouldn’t read past the first few entries–they’d fall asleep from boredom!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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