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  • Hello.

    I tried to search this, but i couldn’t find any solutions.

    I want something so that i can set up some privacy levels to my posts, so that they can be visible just for users(it would be ideal if i could set up the level of privacy, just for admins, just for subscribers etc), something similar to the “Keep this post private” option, but unfortunately the private option doesn’t allow you to view the posts in the categories zone, neither does it appear when you search for something related to that post. So, if u don’t know exactly where your post is, you can’t find it.


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  • Anyone.. ?

    oh ye, and a little correction, the version is 2.5.1

    Doesn’t anyone know?

    At least tell me it’s impossible :))

    I think this ability is disabled in 2.5. I don’t know why they do that. I’m facing the same problem. Now I have to set EVERY post to private. And yes, when it is private it’s no longer counted in the Category Widget. So confused now. Dunno wat to do.

    My blog is private until I set up users myself in WP. I use the plugin “Private WP” and it works great. You have to be logged in to see anything.

    I made my blog private to. Until i can find a plugin that can hide some posts from the visitors, i am also using the Private WP. It’s not ideal, since only users can see the blog, but i prefer it instead of making all that posts private, and being unable to find them when i search, or in the categories area.

    Now I have to use “Members Only” plugin as an alternative.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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