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  • I’ve looked through the various plugins that are on the different sites, and just can’t find the one that suits my needs. I just wanted to make sure that it actually doesn’t exist before I start working on it myself.

    I’ve got different categories set up. Blog and Site News being the two parents, with some sub categories under Blog. I want users to be registered (and admin approved) to view/comment any of the Blog posts, but I want the Site News category to be public. So far, I’ve tried to use “Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin” which works perfectly, the only thing is it won’t let anyone view anything unless they have an account. I tried using a plugin called Role Manager ( to change the user roles, but that didn’t work either.

    Is there a plugin that will do this, or should I start writing? Again, I just want it to restrict a category(s) to user accounts that are approved by an admin. Unless this category is flagged to be private, I want it to be public for anyone to view. Thanks for the help!

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  • 1. There are no users “approved” by admin. You either let them register or not. In this latter case you have to register manually every new use.


    In re #1: you can actually allow anyone to register (with the “subscriber” role as set default). They can’t post without approval, and you can “disapprove” them by deleting them through the Authors and Users screen.

    I’m looking for something similar, but a bit more sophisticated (i.e. subcriber roles: public, family and friends):

    Search for Role manager and category limit plugins.

    The challenge may be that if the author is who I think it is, his site was recently slagged. Hopefully I’m wrong though. :-\

    Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve already tried Role manager. It’s not designed to do what I want.

    I find role manager plugin useless, it really serves no useful purpose unless all the users are admin type roles, i agree there needs to be a group management plugin to create user groups, etc

    bugsmio, Ryan Boren said he’s got such a plugin on his list of things to do:

    Dunno of any timeline but fingers crossed it won’t be long.

    We are using the “Category Visibility” plugin to have both public and members-only categories. It works well. The “Role Manager” plugin is GREAT and WONDERFULL, because it lets us create many new user groups (levels) such as “public subscriber” (level 1), “member” (2), “board” (5) and so on. We have even created a “user manager” role for the person who maintains users, but does not write.

    Unfortunately, nothing quite as good exists for static pages, but the “Page restriction” plugin allows you to have a members-only page.

    … and most of our categories are public, but some are restricted to members only (and WE create the accounts / assign user levels), and a few are for the board only and even fewer are for the admin group.

    Now if you would edit that little category visibility gem and include support for pages/subpages, then we would be very thankfull… It might be wise to take a look at WP 2.1 before that, though.

    LIN, that sounds like it would do the trick for sdustinh, but it would make a complete mess of my website for what I need. Cheers.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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