• I produced a Maps-Mashup for a customer using your excellent plugin.
    But now they asked me to check a alternate solution because of their privacy guidelines. “The plugin uses Javascripts, that are hosted a Google Servers and that means, user data could be transmitted without their permission.”

    Is their a possibility to host the required scripts on the own server?

    Thank you for your help!


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  • Plugin Author RobertHarm


    as far as I checked thisunderstood last time this is not possible – javascript from Google is needed if you want to display google maps – making this optional is technically not really possible. But anyway: if not Google to trust for not delivering harmful javascripts to millions of their map users, and then whom else? If you think this further, your customer should think about hosting the map tiles also on their servers, as this is also coming from an external ressource.
    sorry for not being able to help here…

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