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    First off, thank you for the cool plugin.
    I need something that will allow users to control their BuddPress profile privacy and this is the only one I can find that seems to work.

    When the user first logs in an navigates to their Profile > Settings > Privacy Settings tab, it indicates that “Who can view your profile?” is Everyone and that the “Hide my profile from Members Directory is Yes.
    These appear to only be the default suggested settings as the fields in the database for actually effecting these settings (bb_hide_directory & bb_profileprivacy) do not yet exist.

    The user can in fact be seen in the Members Directory and obviously their profile is viewable to everyone.

    Once the user clicks Save, then the fields are created in the db and the settings can effect the view-ability of the user.

    On one hand we have a problem if he end loser looks here but doesn’t click, they will never be hidden. I’m not too worried about this, it’s just not as intuitive for the end loser.

    The real problem I have is this: if you’ve not created the fields and per-populated them, how can we ever set the desired defaults for users?

    I’m asking because I need the users privacy to be Only Friends and Hidden as the defaults and I don’t want the user to have to go turn these on after first login.
    i.e. Defaults to privacy and they will go allow others in as they like.

    I’m more than willing to offer donations to your favorite adult beverage drinking fund for your efforts. 🙂


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    The plugin was created so the users would have control. The default is intended to be that everyone is able to view the profiles until each user makes the selection on their own. I am in the process of creating an inexpensive premium version of the plugin that will allow the admin to select the default for all users and whether the users can override that default. It will also allow users to block all private messages or messages from a particular user.

    Once that is available I’d be happy to give you a discount code so that you are able to use it and make sure it’s doing what you need it to do. My plan is to launch this at the beginning of next year. I was hoping to do it sooner but life has gotten in the way a little. I’ll put you on a list of people to notify once it’s available.

    Thank you so much for using the plugin and for contacting me. It’s been amazing to get emails and support messages from people that find the plugin useful.

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    Hide from the directory is defaulted to “Yes”, how do I set the default to be “No”?
    I don’t want everyone hidden from the directory by default when they register.

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    Thanks Fencer,

    I do think that will work well so please do let me know when it’s ready.

    Hi Digitaljoe,

    we can’t wait to see and use the announced Pro Version.
    Also the possibility to configurate to hide Profile Tabs by roles only Administrator can enable or disable would make it perfekt. A business user/admin would be able to define wordpress user-roles deeper and select how a buddypress member works with its buddypress area. Pls stay tuned, you did a realy great Job developing that plugin. Maybe we hear from you soon.


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