• When a user inserts a Data Export Request, his/her request is not listed in their personal data (!)

    When you click for an export request : “Download Personal Data Again”, even if all the ajax called are re-initiated, the old zip file is not suppressed and there is no new zip file re-generated. The requesting user might have had some activities on the site between the two events (1st generation and re-generation).

    When the same user inserts an Erasure request, the erasure request is not listed in the Personal Data zip file (see above)

    When the same user delete its personal data or admin “Force Erase Personal Data”, the export zip file if exists is not deleted (this is a security AND a legal issue because the link to download the file is still available), AND the export request is not deleted as well …

    When the admin tries to “Force erase personal data” on his/her email address, WorPress replies “No personal data was found for this user”, and when you go back to export personal data, there are still data !!!!

    When anyone confirms their export/erase request, she/he has the following message : The site administrator has been notified. You will receive a link to download your export via email when they fulfill your request.
    The site administrator has been notified. You will receive an email confirmation when they erase your data.
    Not a native english speaker but the “When they” looks as if it was expected from some external person of the site, which might be confusing for the requester (legal aspect).

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