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  • Or anywhere else I could check for this functionality?



    WC isn’t the issue here. You can print orders in WC on any device. The issue would be a driver for the iPad. That’s where you’re going to have a hard time.

    You are better off connecting the iPad and the printer to the same network.

    I’m curious, are the orders going straight to the line or an expeditor in front of the line?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I don’t see an option to print on the WooCommerce IOS app. That’s my first issue. I can’t explore any other options until I figure that part out.



    Yeah that thing is thru JetPack so I’m not aware of how it works. Have you looked into WooCommerce POS system?

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    The folks I’m working with are using Square for POS so that’s what we have to use.
    I guess we could screenshot the order, save as a pdf and print that way.

    Or have them log in to WooCommerce on the iPad and print orders there, although the App sure is so much more simple. Would rather not give the person processing the orders access to everything.



    I’m very confused now. How come your not using the Square POS on the iPad? Why use WooCommerce at all?

    It’s a restaurant… website for online ordering (pick up orders) and are using the Square for WooCommerce plugin. Someone places an online order and it comes up on the iPad (via the Woocommerce IOS app) at the restaurant. Square only picks up the transaction but not the actual order details (issue with Square for WooCommerce plugin).



    I know it’s a restaurant but your customers can order online thru your square account. Unless Square doesn’t allow that anymore.

    One second.



    Have you seen this? Not sure if it’s still supported.

    Another article

    I’m not sure if this will take you there. You’ll have to log into your Square account for this one

    For all of this. You don’t need to use the WC App for iPhone. You should be able to do everything from the Square App.

    Yes, I’m using that plugin. The limitations are what I’m trying to get around.

    I’ve synced the products from Square to WooCommerce.
    Orders placed through the website use Square for payments. But the order only shows up on “transactions” in Square– it just gives the amount but does not give order details (this is a known issue with Square).

    But the order comes through WooCommerce wonderfully. I just need to figure the best way to print the tickets in the restaurant. THought the IOS app would be perfect but can’t find a way to print.

    I’m unsure how you mean to make online orders through the website without using WooCommerce.



    There was an online portion of Square. I can’t get into our account right now. I need to talk to my buddy over there tomorrow. There’s an online version of all your products in Square where uses cab but from. I’m not sure if it was depricated or still in use. We don’t use it and never did. I always wondered why it was there.

    Still looking for anyone that has info on printing to a ticket printer from the iPad WooCommerce app….

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    Hi there @jthompsonjr

    This isn’t part of the WooCommerce core plugin – what you’re looking to do is have the app pass the order to another app which can print out to printer you have.

    It would be great to have you add your ideas to the WooCommerce Mobile Apps Ideas Board for future consideration but I think what you really need is something to print directly to the printer from your store – bypassing the iOS app.

    Either from Star Micronics or from Google Cloudprint.

    You can see one solution for this here –

    As this isn’t related to the core WooCommerce plugin, I’m going to mark this thread as Resolved.

    I hope this helps, have a great day!


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