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  • Hi everybody,

    I hope I choosed the correct version of WP, because I blog on the free wp-blogs hosted on wordpres itself and cannot find my version in the dashboard (or oversee it. Where can I find that information, also in a blog on a selfstanding domain?).

    I guess, therefore I searched the forum for a solution in vain, too, as far as I can see. Because all answers to my question seem to relate versions hosted on self-owned blogs where plugins do work. Plugins seem to be often suggested as solution, but on a free blog it is not possible to activate plugins. So hopefully you can help me.

    I want to print my blog completely with header, header image, background and background colors. Ideally links should only be highlightes as links, but not printed with the whole URL. (Nevertheless I could live with printed URLs.) At least the printed page should look like a screenshot. I doo need it for a manual as well as for an example page for users.

    Usually it is possible to change that in the broswer settings for printing. “printing background” is checked as option, but there is no difference to the printed page, when I do not check that box. I am kind of confused about it, because some weeks ago it still did work properly.

    I neither changed the theme (Dusk To Dawn) nor does it seem to be a browser problem, because I tested it with Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera – all the same, no background and colors are printed.

    Does it depend on (free) WordPress itself?

    I also run a page, where I did install WP. It is still an old version of WP (3.3, where can I check that?) If I try to print this page with the same settings, at least the header image and a small margin of the background color ist printed. But nevertheless it does not look like on a screenshot. There are too many pages to be printed to make screenshots of all of them as a solution – it would take days. 😉

    I have no idea how to solve the problem for both sides. More urgent is the solution for the blog on Maybe you have any idea or advice? Thank you so much in advance!


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  • Moderator cubecolour



    you’re in the wrong place. These forums are for self-hosted WordPress. You need to go to for support.

    The difference between & .org is explained here:

    Hi cubecolour,

    thanx for your answer and your advice. As you may have read I run a self-hosted WP as well as one on Both blogs are effected by the problem. So I assume my question is in the right place here, too?

    I appreciate any input für solving my problem. Thank all of you in advance.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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