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    I need to print the contents of the “My Account” page (with Woocommerce) but without the side menu (template-my-account-sidebar)

    I used CSS to hide various elements and it’s ok outside the sidebar. It doesn’t work on the sidebar

    .template-my-account-sidebar {
        display: none;

    I added! important – it doesn’t work

    I made tests with:

    [print-me do_not_print = “. noprint”] – but that doesn’t work either

    How to effectively hide .template-my-account-sidebar?

    Can you directly add some css to your page that effectively excludes
    .template-my-account-sidebar from the printout?

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  • Plugin Contributor twinpictures


    [print-me do_not_print = “. noprint”] has improper formatting, try:
    [print-me do_not_print = ".noprint" /]

    1. correct quotes (“) not curly quotes.
    2. no space between the dot and the class not to print (.noprint)

    if your sidebar has the class “template-my-account-sidebar” assigned to it, then you just need to provide that class to the do_not_print attribute:
    [print-me do_not_print = ".template-my-account-sidebar" /]

    you could also target the element you want to print that does not wrap the sidebar using the target attribute.

    Without a link to your site, we can not offer more assistance.



    Thank you, it works now (sometimes you don’t see obvious mistakes)

    Congratulations on an excellent product!

    Plugin Contributor twinpictures


    glad you are pleased! we encourage you to consider leaving a review of the plugin or it’s support.
    this issue is marked as resolved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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