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  • I might be jumping ahead of myself here.. I have only used WordPress for a couple of months and I have only been playing with CSS for those couple of months as well..

    But I had been trying to find a plugin that would work so I could make printer-friendly prints of pages and posts. I did find a good plugin, but I did not know enough to get it to work right. And, I also found a few CSS scripts, but it would not print what I wanted it to, or it would print too many things.

    So, I finally found a basica tutorial on CSS and created one from scratch. It does not give an on screen print preview, but you can see a preview in your browser by going to File / PrintPreview.

    So anyway, I thought I would put it out there with a few basic how-tos on it for anyone else that might like to try it.

    I have never done this kind of thing before, so if you try it out, or if you even read it.. please let me know if I have made it simple enough to use.

    I have it posted at

    and please excuse me if I am jumping ahead of myself or if I have mangled up something.. I would be happy to correct any mistakes in it. My intentions are just to help anyone else with the same problems I had.

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  • yeah, making print-cleaner CSS files is completely dependent on:
    1. the look you want for the printout, and
    2. the original theme CSS file.

    It’s very hard to have any sort of ‘generic’ solution, unfortunately. I’ve also found that for many reasons, sometimes having a different template file (or otherwise ‘different code path’) to show a page prepped for printing is more useful, gives a lot more control than just trying to turn things off in CSS. 😉

    Keep on digging, it’s the only way to learn! 🙂


    Personally, I don’t even know why I wrote that post. Chalk it up to late at night. I guess more than anything I dug through post after post trying to find an answer, trying to get another one to work, but none would, so I made that one and I wanted to show others a way to edit one to work, not just use another one and not have it work. I tried to go through and exaplin what I did to modify it and how and where to look to see to modify it for the next person. So when someone else had the problem.. they could ee how to modify vs it doesn’t work and not understand why.. which is what I did. Just hope others can learn from my mistakes 😉

    Beel yup.. that is one I worked with to get what I made. I expected the “default” to work and it didn’t so then I went back and tried to understand what I was looking at , and wht it would take for it to work with the theme I was using.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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