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    When the initial version of the pdf is shown on the screen or version to print, the content is perfect and all formatting maintained, it mirrors what is seen on the website well. However if I then print or create the pdf most formatting changes and pictures are all generated in a large size.

    I am using the wpzoom insight theme.

    Hope you can resolve as the version I initiually see on the screen if far better than other plug ins I have investigated (these have been deleted so shouln’t be interfering.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Hi @gartond, thanks for reporting this issue. Sorry it’s not formatting well when it finally comes to the PDF or print.

    Thanks for sharing the URL to your site, that helps.

    Could you maybe send me a screenshot from a PDF where the images are too large, and point to the corresponding post on your site where the images look correct? That would help me have a bit more info about what you’re expecting.

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    I have uploaded screen shots to

    My pages mostly use standard Guttenberg columns (I usually use 2 50:50 columns, but sometimes 2 columns with say a 2:2 split). I was finding that the preview version that Print My Blog generates of the pdf/print was OK, but the generated version was always different because it reverted to one column (hence oversizing pictures) as it doesn’t recognise the column formats.

    I have partly solved the problem by changing the Print My Blog setting to 2 columns. When I do this I now find that the printed version is now OK (it generates a 50:50 column even if I have used a different split but I can live with this). However the preview version is now an ugly 4 columns (i.e the end result is OK but the preview is quite different and might persuade users not to attempt printing). The screenshots show the 4 column preview and what is actually generated (2 columns). Is there anyway that the preview and final versions can match if I am using columns in my posts?

    Print My Blog looks like a really useful tool and I can see the customer service is great, but is it likely to be limiting if I use column formatting?

    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Ahhh ok I think I understand better now.

    I think your theme and WordPress are automatically collapsing the columns block during printouts.
    Really the long vertical columns aren’t very good as the columns of text continue across pages (meaning you have to completely read one column, across multiple pages, and then when the column is finally finished, go back to the first page and start reading the next column). Here’s a screenshot that might help me explain it:

    So I think what we should do is:
    * when printing, automatically collapse the column blocks (so they’re just regular text)
    * set the printout to use 2 columns (these columns will behave as expected, where you read all the columns on the first page, and then all the columns on the next page, like a newspaper).

    To do that, you’d need a bit of custom CSS:

    1. Go to wp-admin on your website
    2. On the left, under “Appearance”, click “Customize”
    3. On the left, under Additional CSS” add the the following code:

    .pmb-print-page .wp-block-columns{

    Does that work for you?

    (FYI I’m thinking about making this standard, but column blocks can work provided they’re not so long that they span multiple pages. So I’m afraid you might have a special situation that merits this little bit of extra CSS code).

    Thread Starter gartond


    What fantastic and attentive service. I can see that my long columns are not ideal to viewers anyway so will shorten then, but the fix works in any case.

    Thank you so much!

    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    😃 nice!
    Ya I agree the really long columns don’t end up working that well on the web anyway. I would consider removing the columns, and just using small images (like 300-400 px wide) and floating them to the sides.
    And thanks!

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