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  • A ticket was sold yesterday using version 2.9.12 of EDD. This morning we upgraded to 2.9.13 and the link to print the ticket in the email would no longer work. I rolled EDD back to 2.9.12 and the print worked properly again.

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    Hi @bstofko, did it show an error message of some kind?

    It displayed a list of posts from the website. I poked around and found the following warning logged around the same time:

    PHP Warning: require_once(*****/wp-content/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/includes/admin/settings/register-settings.php): failed to ope

    Plugin Author mordauk


    That error indicates the update didn’t get installed properly, perhaps due to a server-level permissions issue.

    Could you try the update again and let me know if it works properly this time?

    I did some more testing on my test site.

    FYI I am using Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus, and Easy Digital Downloads. If I buy a ticket with version 2.9.12 of EDD and view the ticket with 2.9.13 it shows a list of posts.

    I did a re-install and the problem persists.

    I ran another test using downloads instead of tickets and deactivated all other plugins.

    I created a download on version 2.9.12 and bought it. The download link in the email worked fine. Then I upgraded to 2.9.14 EDD and tried the link and it gives a permission error. If I resend the purchase link then it works again. If I switch back to version 2.9.12 the old link works again and the new link fails.

    I am running WP 5.2 with only EDD installed.

    Hi @bstofko

    Can you please tell me are you facing this error “Sorry, this file could not be downloaded.” with EDD latest version?

    If yes, then kindly confirm that If you are using local server file then it must be within WP CONTENT DIR.

    As of Easy Digital Downloads 2.9.13, any files delivered by absolute path, are required to live within the WP_CONTENT_DIR directory or a sub directory of the WP_CONTENT_DIR.

    You can refer this article also

    The error is “You do not have permission to download this file”. The download file specified was uploaded by EDD.

    I did some debugging and tracked the problem to the function edd_get_download_token in download-functions.php. This function changed between 2.9.12 and 2.9.14 on line 1211:

    2.9.12: $token = md5( $parts[‘path’] . ‘?’ . $parts[‘query’] );

    2.9.14: $token = hash_hmac( ‘sha256’, $parts[‘path’] . ‘?’ . $parts[‘query’], wp_salt( ‘edd_file_download_link’ ) );

    This causes the token generated in 2.9.12 to fail the test when used with 2.9.14

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    Plugin Author Chris Klosowski



    This is intended. In EDD 2.9.13 we further improved the security of our file download URLs. In doing so, unfortunately, it means that people would need to have their purchase receipts resent. In order to maintain the improved security method, we had to make URLs generated previous invalid.

    I have confirmed that the same issue is causing tickets sold under 2.9.12 to fail to print with 2.9.14. Somewhat unfortunate as we are in the middle of ticket sales, but at least there is an explanation.

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