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  • Hi,

    I tried to add the print button or make it work, but unfortunately i lack php knowledge.
    From my trials, there are 2 workarounds that may work:
    1) After page load, let the cursor/focus inside. when you press control + P later, it opens the print page in a popup correctly.

    2) Add the below code inside the iframe, and then control+P should also make it work:

    <div class=”ndfHFb-c4YZDc-Wrql6b-C7uZwb-b0t70b”>
    <div class=”ndfHFb-c4YZDc-to915-LgbsSe ndfHFb-c4YZDc-C7uZwb-LgbsSe VIpgJd-TzA9Ye-eEGnhe ndfHFb-c4YZDc-LgbsSe ndfHFb-c4YZDc-LgbsSe-SIsrTd ndfHFb-c4YZDc-C7uZwb-LgbsSe-SfQLQb-Bz112c” role=”button” data-tooltip-unhoverable=”true” data-tooltip-delay=”500″ data-tooltip-class=”ndfHFb-c4YZDc-tk3N6e-suEOdc” data-tooltip-align=”b,c” data-tooltip-offset=”-6″ aria-disabled=”false” aria-hidden=”false” aria-label=”طباعة” style=”user-select: none;” tabindex=”0″ data-tooltip=”طباعة”><div class=”ndfHFb-c4YZDc-Bz112c ndfHFb-c4YZDc-C7uZwb-LgbsSe-Bz112c ndfHFb-c4YZDc-PEFSMe-Bz112c”></div></div>

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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