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  • I don’t think I gave you enough detail.
    The problem is that with IE 11.0.3. The printomatic shortcode opens up the printer dialogue box and the ‘about’ page but nothing appears in the ‘about’ page and a blank page is printed. I am using PoP 1.5.3, I think (b), but it is the latest one from your plugin oven site.

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    Has anyone got a solution for me?

    Did you ever get a solution to your problem with Internet Explorer? I am having the same problem with IE10. My page works fine in other browsers, but shows a blank page in IE10.

    I never got a reply from the developer and I needed a solution right now.
    I’m now using a plugin called ‘print button’. It’s very simple and reliable, but you do need to know enough html to make a ‘div’.

    I put the short code in my one page web post. The printer logo is up and it looks good. When I click on the printer logo it goes to the normal printer page. I select the correct printer and it prints “PrintOMatic” in the upper left corner and Page 1 of 1 on the upper right corner. The page is blank. It prints “about:blank” on the lower left corner and the date 5/2/2014.

    I have dinked around with the settings and always get the same results.

    contact me at
    my site is ” ” SURVIVAL GOURMET GRUB

    anyone help please

    The page I have been trying to print it

    Plugin Author Baden


    Please set up the plugin on a test page (that will stay accessible until issue is resolved) and provide a link. Is the plugin working in other browsers or just not in IE?

    What is the exact shortcode you are using? Specifically, what is the Target attribute set to?

    Please visit
    The print function works in Firefox but does NOT work in IE. Using this code:

    [print-me target=”#1″]

    with id=”1″ in the IMG tag of the first image, etc.

    ALSO, how do I change the window size so that it prints a SMALL version (actual size) of the image rather than a huge grainy image?

    I am having the same issue with all versions of IE. All the print pages open fine in all other browsers, but I am getting a page with only my logo appearing up top(from Print Page Top HTML) in IE. I am using WP version 3.5.2 and Printomatic 1.5.5a.

    I am using the shortcode and have tried it as [print-me], [print-me do_not_print=”.noprint”], [print-me target=”#post-%ID%”] and [print-me target=”post-%ID%”] with no luck in IE.

    An example can be found here:



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    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    I am now closing this 3 month old topic as it references an older version of WordPress.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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