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  • Resolved Majklas


    I’ve been stuggling with this plugin, but I managed to get him lovely 🙂
    Now I need to get pdf invoices. I googled it and saw some 3rd party plugins to make an pdf invoice from manual payments. Some of them gets order-status content to pdf. Can You please explain me how? Also Your premium firum said this option is on the list.
    Looking forward

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  • Mike


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @majklas

    I’m afraid this isn’t something that is possible right now, however you could have it added by a PHP developer if you want to, as you are probably aware all the code is open source.

    well.. this is ackward. Why can’t you make module so we could buy? everyone must find a developer at wpmu jobs to help do somthing that is essential for sales..



    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @majklas

    We have a ‘feature suggestions’ forum on our website where registered members can suggest new features and if something is requested enough times it is then added to the queue of things to integrate.

    So it may well be added soon, but we don’t do custom requests if too few people ask I’m afraid.

    Hi @mike,

    well, that’s being said quite a lot of times.. none of the +1, or features have ever gone live in a year. I just see in your premium forum posted topics 1 year ago with your elite members requests and none of them have been fulfilled..

    Is the PDF invoice for you or the customer?

    well, it should be for the customer, but we can keep it.

    Was thinking you could set up a printer style sheet. Probably not what your after though.
    Not very elegant or professional and more of a receipt than an invoice.

    Well, this could work if I want to have a buuton on thank you page to print the pdf. But I want to have it in admins area. So he could just tick any answer and hit button print invoice and had custom orders invoice ready to download in pdf.

    That would be ideal.



    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @majklas & @mrmyles

    I’ve had a look and can’t see anything referring to this, however I might be searching for the wrong thing.

    We do listen to our users and our developers will add this feature if they think it is requested enough, however if you need it urgently, you’ll have to get it developed yourself.


    This needs to be added – I second the fact that things that get added to requests, most don’t see the light of day. It seems VERY relevant for the admin to be able to print receipts. It is a store after all and things are generally shipped. It has been almost a year now (looking at all the various requests of this feature) since this functionality still has not been included.

    Please look into it.

    Hi @zerozendesign,

    It needs to be developed invoicing and all other functionality that will require to print invoice to pdf and we are developing all these things to make it happen.

    Order management stuff is planned for pro version of WordPress eCommerce that includes redesign, packing slips, better exports, etc.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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