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    Have been using print-o-matic successfully for four months to print recipes on my site – great plug-in! Just upgraded to WordPress 3.7.1 and Print-o-Matic 1.5.2 and all the print icons disappeared on my site. Uninstalled and reinstalled POM and the print icons are back, but when I look through IE, I can press the print icon, but a blank page pops up instead of the populated print window. Tried everything I can think of to get it to print. Oh, and I simply use the shortcode [print-me] after each post and have the settings at default. Any help would be so appreciated. Here’s my site:


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    We just tested your page on IE and it’s working.
    Which version of IE are you having this problem on?

    I’m using IE 11 and have tried it on two different computers – not working on either. Also, in the latest Chrome, the print page will populate, but instead of printing individual posts, it wants to print all 20 pages of posts. Mostly I’m concerned with the Internet Explorer 11. Thanks for your help.

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    what is the exact shortcode you are using?
    Update: We assume you are using the target of ‘article’
    since there are more than one articles, this is causing a problem.

    Since each article has an unique ID such as post-543 what we recommend you use a placeholder as described in the documentation:

    A placeholder %ID% may be used to automatically insert the post ID.

    [print-me target="#post-%ID%"]

    This will solve your print-the-entire-list-of-posts problem, and may also address the IE 11 issue.

    I’m just using [print-me] after each post and it worked before I upgraded the WordPress. I will try the placeholder and let you know how it worked. Thanks.

    Just an aside – I’m a computer consultant and have had to downgrade several customers from IE 11 back to IE 10 because it caused problems for apps and in one instance, a check-writing machine…. Thanks MSoft…..

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    let us know if solving the one issue fixes the other. Fingers crossed/thumbs pressed.

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    The problem with using [print-me] by it’s self is that it then will use the default target, which is normally set to ‘article’. While this is fine for a single page, on post index page that lists multiple articles, that target exists multiple times. This is why 1) you are getting a print out of ALL articles and 2) IE is crashing.

    If you where to use [print-me target="#post-%ID%"] on the other hand, then the placeholder %ID% would be swapped out auto-magically for the post id. Now when a user click the printer icon, only the related post will print (not all articles) and there is a good chance IE will not explode.

    Give it a try and let us know the results.

    Will be working on this today and tomorrow and will let you know. Makes sense and I will apply and test it. Thanks again.

    Put the [print-me target=”#post-%ID%”] on each post and again, when I click the print icon, a blank window will pop up without the printing info.

    Now, I did accidentally (by my typing error) find out that if I left out the # sign, that when I clicked the print icon, the blank page came up, but also the print info came up and allowed me to print – but it came out blank. (On my site, the Oven Roasted pork has the shortcut with the # sign and the Ma’s Christmas Toffee print icon has the shortcut without the #sign. That would almost work, but the pop up window doesn’t show the post I want printed – prints out blank with Page 1 of 1 at the top and the date at the bottom, but no post.

    It seems as though it doesn’t know the “article” that I want to print. Tried changing that to “body” but that didn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Update: the [print-me target=”#post-%ID%”] addition worked in Chrome. Printed out fine. Just not in Internet Explorer.

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    OK… oh how we hate IE. We’ll do some further testing and see what IE wants to make it work like a standard HTML browser does.

    again, IE… why not play well with the other kids in the sandbox?

    Standby for findings

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    We have just tested this on your site with success on IE 8, 9 and 10. We are now downloading IE 11 (fingers crossed) and see what is up with that version.

    But to verify, it IS working on IE 10.

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    Yes, there is an issue with IE 11. Microsoft does it again! Anywhere version 1.5.3a is available for you to test and it includes an IE 11 bug-workaround:

    Give it a try and please let us know if it work in all your IE browsers.

    I’ll test it tomorrow and let you know. Thanks for the updates!

    Hi, tried to install the zip from WordPress admin and got the following:

    Unpacking the packageā€¦

    Installing the pluginā€¦

    Destination folder already exists. /home2/myrecip4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/print-o-matic/

    Plugin install failed.

    Return to Plugins page

    Is there another way to get it installed?

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    yes, deactivate and delete the old version of the plugin first. then upload the new.

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