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  1. michael
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Greetings --

    In searching around the WP and other forums, I see that others have similar problems, but I haven't been able to locate a fix for this one:

    I have three Primepress blogs:

    #1: http://composing.org/composition2/
    #2: http://composing.org/wrd104sq2011/
    #3: http://composing.org/wrd103aq2011/

    I really like this theme, and it's wildly useful for teaching sites. #1 was first, last year. When I created #2, however, the header I used replaced the #1 header; and when I created #3 this year, that header replaced both #1 and #2, such that now all three sites display the same headers when, in fact, each site should have its own site-specifici header.

    Make sense?

    Is there a way I should be naming these images within the themes > primepress > headers directory? Or is there another strategy such that a new site will not override previous Primepress site headers?

    I'd be grateful for any tips or advice.

    Thank you!



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